Saturday, May 14, 2016

Ero Manga Sensei Volume 1

I thought back to the day my little sister came to my home.

It was March. The weather should have been nice and warm. Yet it snowed that day.
She hid behind her mother's back, her head low as if she were secretly looking at me.

From today, she is your little sister.
Make sure to take good care of her.

Facing my parents' request, I smiled and said 'Sure'.
Her mother urged her to come forward. She timidly took a few steps forward, looking down and whispered:

"Pleased to meet you, onii-san."
After that, I rarely saw her again.

Chapter 1

One day in April, I was making dinner inside the kitchen. Suddenly *Bang*! The ceiling shook a bit.

"Wait a little longer!"

*Bang bang bang bang*
"Got it, got it, got it! I got it already!"

I took the hot frying pan in one hand, the other snapped an egg open and put it inside.
*Zzzzhtttttt* I took another look at the egg and sighed.

--- So troublesome.
In order to understand what is going on, you have to know about us.

My name is Izumi Masamune. Fifteen years old. First year, high school.
My little sister's name is Izumi Sagiri. Twelve years old.

Right now, for various reasons, I'm living alone with my little sister.

She is the only family member I have right now. She rarely leaves her room --- in other words, a hikikomori. Of course, she doesn't go to school either.

Not only that, but she hasn't even opened the door to me - her own brother who, in her parents' place, has been taking care of her.

I thought hikikomori no longer exists.

She is a clean freak, but if I don't go outside, she probably won't take a bath. The only conversation between us brother and sister was the ceiling banger just now.

Really, so troublesome.

Despite that, I have my own share of problems too. However, the truth is that this is probably the only thing troubling me.

"Okay, finished."

Double sided fried eggs with tomato and lettuce - a salad dish. The only spice I used was a small amount of salt since I couldn't be sure of my little sister's taste.

"Just like a supper."

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