Tuesday, May 17, 2016

ELYSION Virtual Region Volume 3 - Cerul - Kazuma Jouchi

Prologue – Chance meeting

That meeting was a miracle.
It was as if the cold night was biting into her body.

A girl from a cyber-related company who was participating in a party held in a certain remote city——Kiritou Haya looked up at the night sky and spat out a sigh.

“…it really is cold.”

Snow slowly fell from the sky and scattered on the ground, lit up by the pale moonlight, the scenery’s beauty was fantastic. …but it was a cold, winter night. Although she had a cape on top of her thin party dress the wind has robbed her body of heat in no time.

I need to hurry and go back… well, it’s not like there’s any difference whether I’m there or not.

Although it was a meeting of the Kiritou Group, she was only twelve years old and served as an ‘accessory of the Kiritou Group leader’. There was no value in her being there. In fact, no one noticed that she left the site.

Even so, unmanned security shouldn’t be careless, should it.
Although I can understand wanting to boast about their products to others.

The organizers of the night’s party was a famous company involved in manufacturing drones. That was why the most advanced drones were deployed around the venue on which the party was held.

They must have had a lot of confidence to do such a flashy d├ębut right before the party.
She went past the main entrance hall and entered a slightly open area.

As snow lightly poured down, she cleared her thinking by taking a deep breath several times.

The mask she hid behind——’a young lady’ and ‘the real Kiritou Haya’. Although she tried to find the boundary between them, it wasn’t working.

Sometimes she didn’t know.

A lifestyle that didn’t allow her to reveal to anyone what she really felt——just which one was ‘her true self’. Was that mask made from scratch, or maybe it was born from something already existing.

As she sought to perfectly play her role, the boundary between her ‘selves’ started to fade.
“…what can I say.”

Although she was mocking herself, she knew very well in what state she was in. Even though it was obvious no one was nearby, her tone of voice didn’t go back to normal. She could no longer crudely retort to her own thoughts unless she put her mind to it.

It felt as if her body and mind were going to separate. She ignored her own will, Kiritou Haya’s personality switches, attracted by the image spreading around her.

——Even if I think about it, it can’t be helped.

In order to leave the cold scenery she turned on her heel, leaving her white breath behind. And then, she heard a sound from the building in the back.

“…just now.”

She stopped moving and listened. It wasn’t clear since snow absorbed the sound, but she definitely heard it. It sounded as if someone has dropped something. Haya recalled the map of the party site in her head.

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