Tuesday, May 17, 2016

ELYSION Virtual Region Volume 2 Hydrangea Garden

Prologue – Banquet of the influential ones

Near the end of April, it was a very warm evening.

She looked down on the night view of the city spread below and sighed.

Chatting voices could be heard here and there and also a live performance of classical music in the middle.

Every sound that passes through her eardrum and is amplified, echoing in her head.
No good, lack of sleep is hitting me at full power.

The girl——Kiritou Haya drank water from a glass all at once trying to shake off drowsiness and intermittent headache. Although she hid it with light makeup and wore a vivid scarlet party dress, a glimpse of fatigue could still be seen from her expression.

As the cold water flowed through the back of her throat, the sun peaked out from behind the haze obstructing her thinking.

"Geez... a party at a time like this, tough luck is it...."
She cursed quietly and looked around the venue again.

The party hall was located at the top floor of a certain hotel. It was one of the best hotels in Japan and its furnishing was very refined, it had a really pleasant atmosphere.

Guests inside the party hall were just celebrities matching the atmosphere.

The sponsor was one of the four major cyber-related corporates 'Namisagi', and all four corporates were attending parties.

In name, it was a party concerning 'presentation of the new Arclight' but that was already over, and the venue was occupied with social exchanges.

Namisagi family's head changed recently, he probably wanted to make himself known.
I finished my round of greetings, I can just rest now while I listen.

Just how many people did she greet. Because she couldn't afford clumsiness, she was even more cautious than usual. Even though there were countless times she did it since young age, she still couldn't get used to it.

"——Haya. What are you doing in a place like this."

Just as she tried to eat some food from a plate, at the exact same time sounded a voice cold as ice. Haya's heart tightened for an instant, but loosened soon after.

"I told you to show your face to the guests, haven't I."
"I have done so without any problems, Father."

As usual, with no indication of her true character she displayed the mask of 'yamato nadeshiko' as she faced the blood-related man classified as her 'father'.

——Kiritou group leader, Kiritou Kouya.

A powerful man who through management turned his company into a huge group that is one of the four biggest corporates in just a single generation.

Only thoroughly seeking profit, the nickname he was given because of his ruthless finesse in which he eliminated all nuisances was——The demon king.

Same as always, this person.
They were family but she didn't feel any warmth, his eyes were stone-cold.

He didn't look at his daughter too often, well, she would be troubled if he showed her his fatherly side now.

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