Tuesday, May 17, 2016

ELYSION Virtual Region Volume 1 Synchro Infinity

The day they returned to being siblings

"...eh? You are back to being siblings?"
"Didn't I tell you that for a while now?"

A vast grassland was spreading in every direction, likely reaching the ends of the earth.
Wind faintly caressed the grass producing one, two waves of dark green.

And standing in the middle of the spreading glittering wave, were two girls.
One of them, was wearing a mysteriously blended kimono. The other one, was wearing something that looked like a white coat.

"U〜mm, I knew you have a brother, you've always been bragging about it ever since we first met."
"Yes. He's a brother a little sister like me can be proud of."

The girl with chestnut coloured hair who wore a white coat had a troubled expression. Her hair that was reaching her shoulder blades, swayed lightly in the wind.

The other one, the 『Little Sister』, wore a strange, modified kimono. She had glossy black hair, long enough to cover the entirety of her thin back that was shaped like a piece of art. And above all, there was one more characteristic – she had clear and serene sky-blue eyes like a lapis lazuli.

"Little Sister longed for this day to come. Finally being able to live together with Brother. Can you understand the feelings of a little sister who, for 8 years was, aaa〜〜〜〜lways waiting for this day? No, Rucchan who is not a little sister, cannot understand it."

"...eh? Is it only Rui-san who thinks what she heard was weird?"

Being unable to meet their precious person——she didn't seem to hear it like that.
Rucchan, Saionji Rui, showed an even more troubled expression.

Looking at her friend's expression, Fuyuki regretted her fierce outburst.

"It's not strange at all, every little drop of Little Sister's blood, every strand of her hair, exists for the sake of her brother. And her brother's everything, from the tips of his toes, to the top of his head, belongs to Little Sister. Isn't that common sense in this world?"

"No, I've never heard of such common sense. Rather, aren't siblings like that scary?"
"How rude. What do you know about little sisters, Rucchan?"

"Certainly, Rui-san isn't a little sister, however, at least she knows it's weird."
Lately——she thought that her best friend really loved her brother.

Ever since she met her, she heard so many stories about her brother, anyone listening to it would notice that.

Indeed, Karasuba Fuyuki is a brocon, and an extreme one too.
The fact that she had a very small body aside, ten out of ten men would find her attractive.

Speaking of which, that girl had no interest in any men other than her brother——
"Just now, I've had a really bad feeling. Did you think of something rude?"

"Ahaha, there's no such thing."
And she was quite sharp.

Fuyuki looked at Rui who broke out in a cold sweat after lying to her.

However, her line of sight was drawn lower as she thought——and stopped at the bulging out chest that couldn't compare to her own.

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