Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Date A Live Volume 02 - Puppet Yoshino

Prologue: New Daily Life

"shidou! I baked something called a cookie!"
Her night-colored hair fluttered around her waist.

Her eyes sparkled like radiant crystals.

An impossibly beautiful girl said those words excitedly, while thrusting a container she held in her hands towards Shidou.

Itsuka Shidou was under incredible pressure as he turned his body and called the name of the girl.

"Umu? What!?"

Putting on a carefree smile that could make flowers bloom in the background, the girl —— Yatogami Tohka answered.

"......Well, about that…"

There were so many things he wanted to say, but he couldn't find the appropriate words in the face of her dazzling smile.

Unable to find something wrong with Shidou's expression, Tohka lifted the container's lid.
"More importantly shidou, look at this!"

The many things inside were irregularly shaped and had burn marks everywhere. They could barely be called cookies.

Shidou and Tohka were in the same class, but in order to 'give the individual students a holistic education'... or so the reason went, things like laboratory practicals and home economics were conducted in small groups of students.

In other words, only the girls had home economics today.
"What is that..."

"Umu, I had everyone teach me. I made this, so try eating it!"
...Shidou felt a shiver run down his spine.

This feeling wasn't caused by Tohka's cookies.

Putting it simply —— inside the classroom, the other boys were watching him with glares of resentment.

But that wasn't something completely unreasonable.
The fact that he was even able to enjoy the girl's homemade cookies made him the target of jealousy by the other guys.

What's more, it was said that right after transferring in, that Yatogami Tohka had exploded upwards in the (rumored) "Girl You Want Most as a Girlfriend" rankings.

The nearest one to him, just next to him his friend Tonomachi Hiroto was giving a hollow expression, [fuck, fuck, FUCCCCCK... only a dead Itsuka is a good Itsuka] was grumbling something under his breath.

"Hm? What's wrong Shidou? You're not going to eat?"
"I... Err... About that..."

Shidou said with a nervous twitch in his cheek. Tohka's shoulders began drooping little by little.
"Ugh... I see, it's because shidou is good at cooking..."

"—! I-It's not because of that. I-I'll eat it!"
Shidou made up his mind, and took a cookie from the container.

And then, as he slowly lifted it to his mouth——

While his attention was elsewhere, a silver blur flew in a straight line in front of his eyes.

The shot came from the hallway, and after breaking the cookie in Shidou's hand into small pieces, it pierced into the wall.

He shouted after his body instinctively stiffened.

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