Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Date A Live Volume 01 - Dead End Tohka

Prologue: Chance Meeting -restart-

—He held his breath.
It was an unbelievable scene.

It was as if a part of the town had just vanished.
In its place was an enormous crater that probably even a falling meteorite couldn't create.

A group of human figures fluttered in the sky.
It was absurd beyond even his wildest dreams.

However, Shidou did not even notice this abnormality.
—For there was something much more extraordinary in front of Shidou's eyes.

A girl.
A girl, wrapped in a strange light, stood there.

Enveloped by his faint voice, the sigh slowly faded away.

The presence of the girl was so overwhelming that it suppressed that of any other object.
Like metal, yet also like cloth, the dress was made of a strange material that catches the eye.

Attached to the dress, the skirt that radiated light was beautiful enough to cause one to lose consciousness.

However, the beauty of the girl herself overshadowed even those.
Her long black hair, like a plume of smoke, weaved around her shoulder and waist.

Coldly looking up at the sky, her eyes were of a strange, hard to describe color.Her figure, which would probably make even a goddess feel envious, was warped by weariness, as she stood silently with pursed lips.

His vision;
His attention;

Even his heart;
—In that moment, they were stolen away.

It was so...
So intensely;

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