Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Accel World Volume 05 - Floating Bridge in Starlight

Chapter 1 

Preferably, it would be better if all of Tokyo’s skies were covered in arcades [1] .

Avoiding the puddles that hadn’t been absorbed into the water-permeable pavement tiles as he walked, Haruyuki thought that with a sense of desperation.

He had hated rain since long ago. The signal connection level of his Neuro Linker would go down even if it was only drizzling, one of the two hands he used operating his virtual desktop would be occupied by an umbrella, and as if that wasn’t enough, his dampness-prone body would get even more wet.

Stopping at a stoplight along his route home from school, he looked up past the edge of his umbrella and saw that, even though they said that there wouldn’t be any rain today on the first day of the month, the sky was still filled with plenty of moisture as it remained a sunken lead color.

At the edge of his vision, the rain-probability prediction that was displayed alongside the headline news showed the numbers at 80 to 90 until tomorrow morning. It seemed that the seasonal rain front didn’t intend to leave Kanto for the time being.

It would feel good if he could take a short flight and pierce through those clouds until he flew above them. The pure-white sea of clouds that spread out forever, the ultramarine sky, and the intensely shining sun. It was a scene he had seen several times in the «Storm Stage», but of course he had never experienced it in the real world.

At the very least, he could imagine it, and so he stood on his tiptoes as he flapped his imaginary wings, and—.

“The light’s turned green!”

*BACHIKON* Haruyuki’s back was suddenly struck, and he stepped toward the pedestrian crossing as if falling forward. After he narrowly avoided falling, he started walking quickly to hide his embarrassment, and turned to speak to the person now beside him.

“…Ossu [2] .”

The one that answered him back while turning her vivid yellow-green umbrella round and round was his classmate, Kurashima Chiyuri. As if she didn’t feel the gloom of the rainy weather, but actually enjoyed it, she made splashing sounds with her water-repellant sneakers.

“Did you buy a new umbrella?”

When he inquired about her unfamiliar belonging, his childhood friend blinked her cat-like eyes bashfully, and nodded her head.

“Yeah…Don’t say anything more, I already know what you want to say! I know that I let myself be influenced about something like the color of an accessory. By my avatar.”

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