Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Accel World Volume 04 - Flight Towards the Blue Sky

Chapter 1


Haruyuki heard the cracked and crushed sound from his own throat.


The cold wind of the «Purgatory» stage blew away the hollow question, and scattered it to the yellow sky above. But, there was no answer.

Standing still on top of the school building‟s roof, the bright green avatar «Lime Bell»—Kurashima Chiyuri hid her face in order to avoid Haruyuki‟s gaze, and sat down with a scraping noise while grasping the roof railing with her right hand.

Instead, what responded to his question was a very low, warped laughter.

“Fu……fu, fu.”

On the ground a little ways away, the lens-like mask of the dusk-colored avatar, which had thrown down its limbs and was lying on its back, was shaking bit by bit.

“Fufu…fu, amazing…how amazing…This is the «healing ability»…truly a miraculous power…fufu, hahaha…”

As he laughed quietly, the avatar‟s severe gashes from only dozens of seconds before were healed as if they had never been, and his whole body glowed a glossy dark purple. The recovery phenomenon didn‟t stop at just the body, but even restored his right arm‟s flamethrower which should have been destroyed.

Haruyuki—«Silver Crow», and standing behind him, Takumu—«Cyan Pile», at the end of a hard-fought battle on the field of Umesato Middle School, had managed to crush the dusk avatar «Dusk Taker». Both of his arms had been blow off in an aerial battle with Haruyuki and had been pierced
to the ground by Takumu‟s special technique, and all that was left was to go make his HP gauge run out completely with a single ordinary attack.

However, the one who interrupted that was Lime Bell, suddenly emerging from on top of the roof.

As soon as he was wrapped in a shower of light emitted from her right arm just now, Dusk Taker‟s HP had radically recovered, and even his right side was brilliantly glowing now.

“Why…Why, Chiyu!!”

Haruyuki looked up at the school building again, and screamed out as if tearing his throat.

Dusk Taker was the enemy. The first year student who controlled that avatar, Noumi Seiji didn‟t appear on the matching list even though he possessed «Brain Burst», and licentiously used his acceleration ability in kendo matches and real tests.

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