Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Accel World Volume 03 - Dusk Robber


The largest network called «Global Net», transcended the name Global five years ago. In the Eastern Pacific, a space elevator was built to a stationary orbit space station, that also connected to many bases on the moon, and now anyone who wishes, can dive from their home to the moon's surface in true real time image.

Of course, numerous networks other than that exist. Countries and businesses with their firewall protected large scale Closed Nets, schools and apartments with their Local Nets, or personally operated Private Nets, and many more are built on top of each other. If you could see the internal communication signals flying around, the world would be seen as covered by a thin shining white mesh.

Compared to those, it's very small scale, however for Arita Haruyuki, it's a net that holds a very important meaning, which is occurring in Haruyuki's room right now.

"...Th-Then, connecting, Chiyu."

He announced it in a low voice, and Chiyu, that is Kurashima Chiyuri, answered with a voice that had none of his tension.

"Why are you trying to be pompous. Just do it quickly."

Not understanding other's feeling.

While moaning in his heart, Haruyuki inserted the plug held in his left hand into the Neuro Linker on his neck.

At the same time, two Wired Connection warnings lit up red in the center of his view, then disappeared.

Chiyuri who sat on the bed, from her light purple Neuro Linker, two XSB cables extended from left and right side, one of them connected to Haruyuki who sat on the floor. And the other one, was connected to Taku that is Mayuzumi Takumu who sat on a mesh chair.

This connection situation should not be filled with such tension. No, before that—

"...You don't really need to direct connect with me..."
After he complained, Chiyuri's cat like eyes gave him an once over.

"No. If the copy from Ta-kun fails, I have your promise that the next install will be from Haru. I won't let you get away."

He nodded, and took a glance to the right, where Takumu returned a wry smile while pushing his frameless glasses up.

Haruyuki, Chiyuri, and Takumu were all born in the same year in this south Kouenji large apartment, that is they had childhood-friends relationship.

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