Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Accel World Volume 02 - Crimson Storm Princess


Haruyuki just stared at the steel hole with six counterclockwise spirals with his pig avatar‟s eyes.

There was nothing in the surrounding space. White floor and walls. A huge room sealed with a white ceiling.

In the center of the room floated a steel-blue, large automatic pistol. The slide with hairlines, the grip carved with checker rings, all showing overwhelming weight and density, sent out a cold feeling, but of course it‟s not real. The reason you wouldn‟t be able to tell the maker or modeler‟s name is, it is just a substitute Haruyuki made with randomly selected polygon gun parts.

But it can shoot. With that intention, it pointed between the eyes of Haruyuki‟s avatar who stood just 20 meters away.

After referring to the book manuals to create this virtual reality training application, on his first dive, Haruyuki was very disappointed with the dull white room. He really wanted the setting to be the roof of a high rise building, and the pistol held by a dark suited hitman, but making that kind of scenario would be too much for a poor middle school student gamer.

If he asked his upperclassman and mentor for help, no matter what kind of set, it would be easily built. However, Haruyuki did not do that. He was afraid of her asking why he would do this kind of beginner training at this time. The result, was an eye irritatingly pure white room with just one
brusque handgun floating, an ultra dull substitute.

But, after actually using it, it might be better this way.

Because there was nothing aside from himself other than the gun. This made him only have to concentrate on the gun muzzle.

The pink pig avatar squatted, extended both hands slightly, and Haruyuki earnestly stared at the black hole.

He lost the feeling of time. He could not remember how many minutes he had been in that position. This application‟s specification is very simple. After diving and saying “Start”, with a five second countdown, the pistol will automatically aim at Haruyuki, and from that instant on, it will randomly fire within 30 minutes.

Of course, in the real world nothing could be done and he would die, but this is a virtual space made within the Neuro Linker. At the instant he sees the handgun muzzle flare, if he reacts within the shortest time, he would be able to dodge it, since he already checked the bullet speed and distance.

However, the problem is the he has no idea when the gun muzzle will flare within the 30 minutes.

Different from the virtual squash game, there is no information provided like reading the ball‟s path and timing. The only thing he could do, was to open his eyes wide, and keep up his concentration.

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