Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Accel World Volume 01 - Return of Princess Snow Black

Chapter 1

On the virtual blackboard‘s upper right corner, a yellow message mark flashed.

Haruyuki, who was daydreaming during class, involuntarily shrunk his head and shifted the focus of his eyes.

At that moment, the deep green blackboard that was fully in his sight became half transparent–but the backs of students sitting in rows, and the teacher beyond them became sharp.

The classroom, classmates, and teacher existed in the real world, but the transparent blackboard and the closely packed math formula on it was not so. The numbers and formula that the teacher was writing in mid air was sent to the «Neuro Linker» worn on the back of his neck and directly into his brain as a picture.

The elderly math teacher, in a difficult way, moved his finger that held nothing on the blackboard that only he can see and continued to explain the formula in a subdued tone of voice. That voice too, was not at a volume that can reach Haruyuki‘s ears in the real world, the teacher‘s Neuro Linker worn around his neck increased the volume and clarity, then sent it to Haruyuki.

When he focused closer again, the blackboard with more math formula than before became solid. So it seems that the mail he received wasn‘t the teacher sending out a compressed homework file. That means, since he was currently separated from the global net, the sender must be a student at the same school.

Some girl who broke the school rules and sent him a good message – that kind of expectation, he threw away long ago in the half year after entering middle school. He deeply thought of just dropping the mail into the garbage box in the lower left corner of his view, but if he did that, he didn't know what would happen to him afterwards.

Not really wanting to, seeing the gap when the teacher turned his back, he moved his right hand up (this movement is not virtually, it‘s real world movement) and clicked the mail icon with his finger.

Instantly, Bubibaborobubiro! A sound without character and a graphic with the primary color of a flood hit Haruyuki‘s hearing and sight.

Continuing, a voice message instead of written words started on the body of the message.

―Pig-kun, this is your command directive for today! (There‘s Gyahaha laughter in the background) Two fried noodle buns, one cream melon bun, three strawberry yogurts, bring them within 5 minutes at the start of lunch break to the roof! Being late will mean meat bun punishment!

Tattling will mean roasted pork fillet punishment! (Again loud laughter)‖

- He turned to the sticky stare he felt on his left face, his concentration solidified after his turn. After looking, without a doubt it‘s Araya and his underlings A and B sneer-sent threat.

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