Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Absolute Duo Volume 4


“It have now received the-----Invitation to <<Rein Conference>>”

What is <<Rein7 Lunar>>?----

That was the important term chosen by a group of 7 people for the word-<<Absolute Duo>>.

They who were crowned with the <<Sepher Name>> symbolizing the stars, were walking in different paths even though the <<Absolute Duo>> was the main goal.

Even so, they would have a meeting in one place sometimes.
The banquet with the name <<Rein Conference>> was that.

And now-----there was an invitation sent to the Kouryou academy chairman-Tsukumo Sakuya.

“I am ordered to tell <<Blaze Diabolica>>-sama, that the supervisor is waiting for the day to meet you”

“I am honored. Please tell the supervisor that I am anticipating this banquet”

After confirming the contents of the invitation handed to her, Sakuya smiled to the servant who was dispatched by the man who’s the center of <<Rein7 Lunar>>.

---But, the moment the heavy door closed when the servant left, the girl buried her small body into the chair and made a big sigh.

“You don’t look happy with this, Sakuya-sama”
“It’s only right to feel down when you think about attending a worthless banquet”

In front of Miku who was right beside her, Sakuya made a second sigh.

She does not feel that meeting other <<Rein7 Lunar>> members would provide some kind of merit to the thing she should be doing-----the advancement of her <<Lucifer>> research.

Honestly speaking, she felt that it was just a waste of time.
(………….No, that is not necessarily the case)

Suddenly, the thought of a member of <<Rein7 Lunar>>-----the <<Equipment Smith>> sending peoples called <<LibelGod’s Destruction Team>> to infiltrate their place twice, popped up in her mind.

The fight with the men wearing battle suits called <<Unit>> was a good chance for her to see the talents of the 1st year students, including the branch school students.

The thing she wanted to see was the natural talents of the people fighting.
She wanted to see if they can fight against fear and fight with their life on the line-----

In just one night, she was able to see the talents that can originally only be seen when the students take on several missions.

Although the girl was almost kidnapped, she thought of the great results she gained.
(Now that I think about it…………..)

Several students popped up to defend the black clothed girl; they took the action to save her, when she was close to being kidnapped.

They fought against danger with the <<Irregular>> boy as the leader and because of their strong will and tenacity, they were able to see the path of victory and send the <<LibelGod’s Destruction Team>> away for the second time.

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