Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Absolute Duo Volume 3


“I, wonder what type of person I will fall in love with………..”
The girl-----Hotaka Miyabi was bad with the opposite sex.

It’s not like she has an inerasable trauma from her childhood…………but, it’s just that she was bad with strangers and shy.

Above that, another reason for it was that she went to a girls only middle school same as like her sister.

Because of that, the existence of males in the same age as the middle-school Miyabi, only appeared in stories like drama or manga.

But even if she was bad with them, it’s not like she had no interest in love.
Because of that, she has imagined that she would fall for someone one day------like that.

Even though she was not conscious about this, her head turned completely blank when she saw the target of her affections getting kissed----even though it’s just on the cheek. To Miyabi who has slowly
gotten used to having a conversation with the opposite sex, a kiss was a very high level action for her.

The moment she regained her composure, the criticism that came out from her mouth was-------a cute shout calling him pervert. Of course, it’s not like there were any bad intentions in it and those were the only words that Miyabi could have thought of in her half-panicked state.

However, she encountered a different kind of emotion in her chest when she recalled the event calmly after some time had passed and it became night time. As if being covered in a haze, those hazy emotions made her feel hard to breathe and at the same time made her feelings heavier.

Thanks to that, Miyabi felt troubled.
(What is this feeling………)

“Miyabi, I am turning off the lights.”
“Ah, un………….”

Since she was daydreaming about the emotions in her chest on the bed, it passed the time for lights out before she knew it, and Tachibana her roommate and at the same time <<Duo>> called out to her.

After Miyabi nodded, Tomoe turned off the lights and the room was covered in darkness.

She closed her eyes. But, the event that happened in the afternoon did not vanish. The image of the boy who gave her the feelings to make her work harder in Kouryou academy and who was her first male friend, getting kissed.

The haze in her chest would not clear up.
It was there, whether she slept or was stayed awake.

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