Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Absolute Duo Volume 2


“<<Unrivaled BlazeOne kind of a blaze>>…………. Same as me but at the same time isn’t the same. However------”

A peaceful forest covered with a clear cold atmosphere.
A nature untouched by man; and deep inside the forest filled with life, a spring was there.

*Posha* the sound of water dripping was produced; and at the same time, a shadow moved.
A beautiful girl without a single cloth on her stood there.

She has a nice style which can be said with just one look, a bountiful chest and slender limbs.
The water drops along all of that were *Kira*Kira* dazzlingly reflecting the sunlight.

Half of the girl, who has the beauty of the sun, was soaked in water starting from her thighs, and occasionally, she would dive her head into the water and would swim like a fish.

Why is such a person inside an untouched forest like this, playing with the water.
The gold girl was waiting there.

She was adapting to the presence of the forest by playing with the water, and waiting for her prey.
“……………It’s here.”

She grasped the presence of the long-awaited prey, and muttered.

Further up her sights, a group of young deer brimming with life appeared to moisten their throat through the spring deep inside the forest.

Yes, they were the prey, and the gold girl was waiting there to hunt them down.
However, a question regarding the hunt comes to mind.

That’s because, not only is the girl not wearing any clothes, there is not a single gun, bow, or knife on her body.

The next moment the gold girl mumbled something with her lips------

A <<RifleGun>> is being held in her hand as if it was a magic trick.
She quietly directed the gun she is more accustomed to, compared to any other gun towards the group of deer------

She then set the gun nozzle towards the head of a doe.
Those eyes that showing strong determination slightly narrowed down and--------

The gunshot destroyed the silence.

In an instant, the doe with its heart pierced through collapsed, and luckily the other deer which weren’t the target ran away; because of the gunshot the forest was then filled with noise from the birds flapping their wings.

“Fufu, Perfect.”
The girl made a satisfied smile and lowered her gun------in the next moment, this time the <<RifleGun>> disappeared as if it was dispersed.

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