Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Absolute Duo Volume 1

『I pray, that you would reach to become the 《Absolute Duo》one day.』

《Absolute Duo》———.
I didn't have the time to ask about the meaning of that word.

" ——— Ku!!"
The mark called 《Astar》appeared on my chest, and it was emitting a strong heat.

The heat spread throughout my entire body instantly and it became harder to breathe.
My body gets distorted by the feeling of hell fire burning within me.

However, this was a ritual.
The power that surpasses human —— a process of sublimating by taking 《Luciful》into your body.

I shouted in agony, expressing the feeling of having my blood, flesh, and bone burn.

Shortly after, my body is surrounded by 《Flame》.
The hell fire was overflowing from the 《Astar》goes wild as if it was trying to burn me to ashes, the very person who had released it.

But I can't give in.
That's because I won't be able to obtain what I desire unless I overcome this 《Flame》.

(I... I have an ambition I must fulfil!!)
That's right. I can't stop until I accomplish that.

For this reason, I must control the 《Flame》 which is burning out of control.
No, I should be able to control this.

That's because this 《Flame》——— is my 《Soul》.

I shouted with all my energy, and then lifted my fist up and grabbed my 《Flame》.

It responded to the 《word that carried strength》, then the 《Flame》 which encompassed my entire body, burning wildly as if it was trying to incinerate me, swirled around my arm like a snake, radiating a bright light.

Because of it was so bright, I wasn't able to keep my eyes open and ———
Eventually when the light disappeared, I moved my gaze to my arm, and I was shocked by what I saw.

My 《Flame》 has turned into a 《Shield》.
"This... is my 《Blaze》...?"

"《Irregular》, that's how I would put it."
The person who had been watching over me silently since I said that word finally spoke.

Devilishness, or ominous.
A little girl wearing a gothic dress who made me think of those words.

《Irregular》——— there was only one reason for this girl to say that.
Normally, 《Blaze》 was used to define the 《Soul》 which had been shaped into a weapon.

However, the thing which materialised on my arm, without a doubt, assumed the shape of a protector.
The mass of metal was thick, heavy, and hard, giving me the impression that it definitely would not be cracked or pierced.

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