Sunday, April 17, 2016

Toradora! Volume 05

"... So the school has forcefully decided to hold the school festival for only one day again this year? Not even the president can do anything..."

"This isn't exactly a decision they forced through unilaterally. This is a legitimate deal made with the staff, and it actually works in our favor! Since we would have double the budget than usual, as well as getting rid of all sorts of silly restrictions. If everything goes as planned, then it'll be worth not holding the festival for two days."

"But no other school holds their school festival for one day only... This tradition sucks. I've heard that the atmosphere in the school festival wasn't really great every year, it's probably something to do with the festival being held for only one day. Though we're a public school, but this is ridiculous."

"That can't be helped, can it? If that's what the school has decided, then we'll just have to figure out something. Even if it's only for one day, we'll do everything we can to hype it up and make it as exciting as possible. After all, this is the last I will be organizing a major school event."

"That speech of yours a while ago sure was rousing: 'The student council is made to inherit such a lifeless heritage every year! Rather than letting it rot by itself, we should conceive greatness!' — It was something like this right? Even the third-years were moved to tears, everyone was applauding."

"It's too early to be moved like this. This year's school festival will be exceedingly spectacular, no, we'll see to it that it'll be exceedingly spectacular! Now that I've said it, I'll let everyone see what I'm made of! All of you are on this ship now!"

"Of course we'll participate... Hmm, is 'Kano Grocery' our sponsor?"

"You must use all resources that are available to you, even if it means ruthlessly exploiting your own parents! Hey! How dare you sit there and have all the chips by yourself!?"

"But president, you've eaten all the fried nuggets, too. And just how old are you? Dipping all those chips in the ketchup. Are you still a kid?"

"I'm only 18, of course I'm a kid! Gimme those!"

"Whoa! Stop it! Stop it! No fighting!"

"No! I'm not giving those over, dipping chips into ketchup all the time is doing these chips a huge injustice! Here, senpai! Catch!"

"Ah—! Stop smearing my glasses with your oily fingers!"

It was after school in one single Friday, the location was a typical fast food store.

At this moment, no one had noticed that these six members of a certain student council were, under the gazes of everyone there, discussing the plans for organizing a certain routine event.

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