Saturday, April 16, 2016

Toradora! Volume 02

Chapter 1

It was the last day of the nearly week-long string of holidays known as Golden Week (*) ,
"You're free, aren't you?"
The time was 1pm.
"Right? You've got some free time, don't you?"

As if the nice weather outside was a lie, the Takasu residence was faintly gloomy. Seemingly within arm's reach beyond the open south-facing window was the edge of the nearby apartment that towered above, so the brilliant sunshine of early summer didn't make it inside.

Nevertheless, the interior was methodically organized, every corner was cleaned perfectly, and despite being narrow, the miraculously trim habitat was enduring thanks to intelligent planning. Although that wonderful comfortableness and easy-to-live-in space was thanks to the abilities of an
only son named Ryuuji, who was finishing lunch in the kitchen with his back to the living room,
"Are you listening?"

No one took the time to even reply to his questioning voice, let alone with words of gratitude for his work. Taking a momentary break from washing, Ryuuji turned around and stared pointedly at the white lump that was sprawled on the floor. That lump was lying in a messy heap next to the dining table, head-down with chin upon a folded cushion and a blankly befuddled face while poking a finger into the birdcage sitting nearby.

Nipping hungrily at the protruding finger as though he tasted something delicious was a yellow parrot, Inko-chan. His ugliness is his charm point; the beak that he loves to keep open is the color of concrete and the small tongue that licks and juts out is tan like the color of rotting beef. Also, the eyes with discolored whites even now seem like they're on the verge of death, and as a bird incomprehensible to humans, his eyelids twitch as he convulses in response to seemingly dangerous agitations. According to the owner, the hard to view situation had been getting worse.

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