Saturday, April 16, 2016

Toradora! Volume 01

There is something in this world which no one has ever seen.
It is soft and sweet.
If it is spotted, I'm sure everyone will want to have it,
Which is why no one has ever seen it.
For this world has hidden it quite well, so that it is difficult to obtain.
But, there will come a day when it is discovered by somebody,
And only those who should obtain it will be able to find it.
That is all.

Chapter 1

"Damn it!"
Seven-thirty in the morning. It was a fine day, and dim inside the house. The house was a double-room plus kitchen apartment facing south in a two-story detached house, about a ten minute walk from the railway station. Rent was around 80,000 yen.

"I give up! I just can't get this right!"

A frustrated hand wiped the mist from the mirror. The run-down bathroom was foggy due to an early shower, so that after wiping the mirror, it returned to being cloudy. Yet it was pointless to take anger out on the mirror no matter how frustrated one was...

"This stuff is nothing but a rip-off!"

Make yourself gentle with floating bangs — That slogan was seen in the latest men's fashion magazine. Takasu Ryuji's bangs were now "floating". As the article instructed, he pulled his bangs
long, blow-dried them until they stood up, and then gently rubbed them sideways with some hair wax. He specifically woke up a half-hour early in order to make his hair resemble that of the model's and have his wish granted.

But even still, "Maybe I was too naïve trying to change myself just with my bangs."

Ryuji dejectedly threw the trendy magazine which had taken a lot of courage to buy into the bin, yet his poor aim meant it completely missed, opening itself up as it landed and tilting all the trash out of the bin. The open page read "You could still make it in time for the start of school. Gentle or wild?
Our journey towards modeling."

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