Sunday, April 3, 2016

Tokyo Ravens 13

Volume 13 - COUNT>DOWN

Chapter 1 - Dark Clouds Yonder

Part 1

The towering skyscraper was a high-rise office building in Roppongi Hills.
Seeing this magnificent scene, Natsume held back her aura and quietly waited for the opportunity as she looked at this magnificent scene.

As it became time for lunch, a large number of people came out from the building. But this had all been anticipated. A confusing crowd of people was more effective for escaping the eyes of others than perfection of her stealth magic. Natsume surreptitiously passed over several interlinked walkways with the crowd.

There were four people with business in Roppongi.

Natsume and Touji were easy to spot because of their aura, so they were waiting in the wings at a place very far away. They were fighters who would move to help out in an emergency. In other words, they were fighting strength there to allow their friends to escape.

Also, the main contact was Momoe Tenma. Tenma, with no distinctive features, was currently the most skilled at concealing himself from spirit- sensing abilities. Also, his aura wasn't as easy to spot as his other friends. The spirit flow in the city had been hugely chaotic since that night, and the state of aura was very unstable. The numbers of spiritual disasters were several times greater than before. That was why there was much more potential for stealthy infiltrations.

Of course, that wasn't a good thing......


Natsume looked below the walkway. Down there at the corner of a wide road and next to a tree by the street was a temple as small as Jizo Hall 1 . It was the mechanical-type shikigami 'AR4 Guardian' of the spiritual disaster early detection sensory net. Natsume silently watched the crowd of people walking around nearby. Not only was aura unstable, but the traffic network was still in a sluggish state due to the effects of the frequent spiritual disasters, especially in Shinjuku and Kichijoji. After all, the first Phase Four in two years was a big deal.

Even Natsume had been able to clearly sense this spiritual disaster with her level of spirit-sensing. It stung her nerves. Perhaps all the Onmyouji in Tokyo's darkness had the same feeling.


Natsume heard Touji's voice. Natsume shook her head and sighed. The voice she heard hadn't come from her phone, but rather from the internet group call. These messages had been constantly coming since they had arrived here.

"A lot of people are going away over here. The situation's very serious."

Natsume checked the time. It was 12:50. The pedestrian traffic would reduce after the noon break time ended. It would be very easy to get spotted when that time came.

"I know. Retreat for now. Kyouko, perform divination again."

"Hold on."

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