Sunday, April 3, 2016

Tokyo Ravens 12

Volume 12 - Junction of STARs

Chapter 1 - Omens of the Banquet

The twinkling of the stars, and the shining of crossing comets.
They approached, moved away, became alone, and gathered together.
He felt like unraveling all of this would be impossible.
Tsuchimikado Yasuzumi quietly muttered "Unraveling all of this is impossible".
That was why he thought he should pray.
Tsuchimikado Yasuzumi murmured: "That's why I'll pray."
As for how that went......

Part 1

The cold February night felt as if pieces of ice were floating in the air.

The cold wind that blew across the roof of the building fluttered people's hair and chilled their bodies. But Hishamaru materialized and allowed the cold wind to batter her body as it pleased. Her unstable existence alleviated the brunt of the cold wind.

This old building in Tokyo's Ikebukuro district was in an alley two blocks away from the bustling streets near the station. There were similarly-old, quiet buildings nearby, as if the area were from twenty or thirty years ago.

This eight-story building was rented out to various people on a monthly basis, with the exception of the Chinese restaurant on the first floor, the seventh floor that was being used as a warehouse for a medicine shop, and the topmost eighth floor which outsiders were told was 'empty'. But the room on
the eighth floor wasn't registered on any real estate listing. It was a small blank space in the noisy, fast-moving city.

Also, that blank space was the den of a certain oni who had hung around Tokyo's darkness for a long time.

The night wind blew Hishamaru's hair. Of course she was stealthed, and anyone who saw her would have to be killed. This stern young woman wearing an old military outfit was a blue-eyed beauty. But even an imitation of her gorgeous contours would lack the charm of the original. This beautiful
enchantress's figure seemed like an illusion in this old building and the backdrop of the lonesome night. Soon afterwards, the enchanting 'fox spirit' slightly moved her ears and looked down indifferently.

Her master was carrying out a magical ceremony on the eighth floor. As ordered, Hishamaru was dispersing the local waves of magical energy to camouflage the ceremony.

Though her master had said 'it's very unlikely that we'll be noticed, but we should still be careful', Hishamaru hadn't spotted any attempts to conceal this.

Her master was currently carrying out an extremely special magic. He had probably had her move away just in case the magic affected her. Of course, camouflaging the ceremony was just a formality.
Hishamaru had said: "Though I'm very happy for your feelings......", but she hadn't looked happy.

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