Sunday, April 3, 2016

Tokyo Ravens 10


Chapter 1 - Rabbit from the Temple of Darkness

"I believe that the essence of sorcery is what are called 'lies'."
"But isn't 'truth' sometimes more of a falsehood than lies?"

--Tsuchimikado Harutora

Part 1

This occurred many nights earlier--

That altar was on the roof of a building.

Torii were erected on the four sides of a platform constructed from stone. The north torii was black, the east torii was blue, the south torii was red, and the west torii was white.

The platform had already been assembled on many pedestals, arrayed with a multitude of offerings. Silver coins, white silk, a paper horse, a paper soldier 1 , full armor, bow and arrows, a long sword, cloisonné enamel 2 , gold, a koto 3 , a lute. There were also many vessels made from paper that were carefully infused with magical energy by the one managing the platform. Next to them were also ritual tools - a taiko drum, a conch 4 , sleigh bells, a hei 5 , incense, a hand bell, a vodoo doll 6 and charms.

The ritual had already been prepared properly. The wind gusted across the top of the roof. The sky slowly brightened and the all encompassing darkness was chased away by the sun. It would be dawn soon. The time when the sun and moon switched places was imminent.

There were five figures on the platform. In the center stood a boy wrapped in a black coat, his left eye covered with a cloth. The hem of his black coat was blown aflutter by the wind.

In front of the boy was a pedestal upon which laid a girl. It was as if she were sleeping, but the uniform on her body was soaked in blood. The wind gently brushed against the girl, and the pink ribbon tying the girl's long black hair swayed softly with the wind.

Behind the boy and the girl were two figures watching everything. One was a woman with animalistic ears and a tail, and the other was a man with only one arm. The two stayed like this without saying anything, quietly waiting for the coming of that time.

The final person was a small girl who had prepared the ritual while waiting for them. Her expression was cold as she stared at the attentive boy.

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