Sunday, April 3, 2016

Tokyo Ravens 09

 Volume 9 - to The DarkSky

Chapter 1 - Death

"The true essence of sorcery is 'lies'?
Truly. That is just like you.
But I don't believe that.
'Lies' indeed become the flowers of magic, but flowers are supported by their roots.
Without that, no 'lie' will shine."


Part 1

The child didn't have a name.

A taboo child. An evil spirit. She was held in contempt and isolated. She understood she was that kind of existence ever since she learned about the world, even if no one explained it to her.

She wasn't cared for, she wasn't loved, and she just 'existed' through each and every day. She believed without a doubt that it would continue until her death.

She believed that that was her 'life'.
But she was wrong. It wasn't like that.

Because her life was full of ripples, neither superior nor inferior to anyone else born in that era.
Everything began with a lively, spirited voice. The voice of a young boy who flung people aside and broke into her prison, opening the heavy door.

"You're my shikigami? I see. You're very strange."
It was a light shooting into the deep darkness.
The moment she was illuminated by that light, the true meaning of her 'life' began.

... "......I'm sorry...... for always hiding...... the thing about Hokuto......"

A healing charm.
Harutora came to his senses. What the hell was he spacing out for? Why was he wasting time. The bleeding was serious. He had to stop the bleeding right now. Quickly. Now. Right now.

... "But. You probably...... already realized......"

He had healing charms on him. He had taken them and other charms along as precautions against his aura going out of control, the oni Natsume had encountered, and the Onmyouji monitoring the dorms. Right, he had the necessary and sufficient amount.

... "Harutora-kun......"

He fumbled with the charm box on his waist, flicking open the lid with his fingertips and drawing out charms - but he couldn't complete his usual motion.

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