Sunday, April 3, 2016

Tokyo Ravens 08

Volume 2 - over-cry

Chapter 1 - Entanglement

"Do you know what the essence of sorcery is?"
"The answer is 'lies'."
"Therefore, the 'truth' must be handled with care."
"More carefully than anyone thinks."
-Tsuchimikado Yakou.

Part 1

Her father was strict.

Even if she searched her memories, she could barely find her father's smile. In the first place, he was taciturn and wasn't one to show his emotions, only occasionally showing the very minimum. But to the young Natsume, the existence she called her 'father' had always been like that. He was her 'family'.

The pair's lives were painted with silence.
But practicing magic made up for this loneliness.
Other Onmyouji would undoubtedly widen their eyes in surprise if they saw.
Her father never once paid heed to the girl's age, and Natsume encountered setbacks several times and hung her head in depression, but still immersed herself in magic. There was no way she could break away from it.

She calmly faced magic every day in silence.
The one who could break that silence with a cheerful mood was always that boy. Her childhood friend.

"Let's play! Natsume--!"

It seemed that she hadn't even noticed the door to the roof being opened.

After Harutora spoke, Natsume shrank back in surprise, then exhaled and smiled gently.

"How rare for you to come here. ......Come to think about it, you gave the work to Touji."
Harutora smiled, approaching Natsume's side.

The roof of the Onmyou Academy male dorm. The sun had set and the lights from the street hazily illuminated the night sky.

The steamy summer night was very unpleasant compared to the air-conditioned indoors. But the refreshing breeze that occasionally blew lightly stroked the surface of their skin. Harutora stood next to Natsume, closing his eyes with a pleasant mood.

"......It's finally starting tomorrow."

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