Sunday, April 3, 2016

Tokyo Ravens 07


Chapter 1 - Encounter

Listen, don't you dare forget this, it's a promise.
Of course, the boy had probably forgotten.

The vast courtyard of an old residence. The lost ribbon. The time spent by those two searching for it. The exchanged silly conversation. That memory from childhood was no more than a few hours, so it would be natural to have forgotten about it. That small, fleeting memory.

But the girl didn't forget. Even many years after that, she couldn't forget.
It was resentful and sad that the boy had.

However right now, that would do. Once more, with a fresh beginning. It was fine to start over from scratch.

It was a wonderful thing to be able to fall in love with him twice.
That's right, she thought.

Part 1

Two ravens spread their wings under the thick, dense gray clouds.
An elderly black raven danced in a competition of magic with a young white one.
Magic flew like splashing waterfalls, scattering to the surroundings, mixing with the wind, integrating with the air, and stirring the aura. The two ravens danced within thick aura.

They bathed in aura.
Absorbing it.
Feeling it.
Harutora focused all of his attention.

It was the first time since he had been born that he sincerely and seriously wanted to 'learn'. His eyes didn't blink. He couldn't miss even a moment. He wanted to perceive time and space together and grasp onto the high-level battle in front of him, absorbing it into his body. He wanted to open all of his senses.

The movements of the fingers' seals. The paths of the charms thrown into the air. The intonation of incantations. The flow of magical energy. The swirl of aura. The techniques of practitioners.
It held a deep complexity, but he could believe that there was a certain simple 'core' that the sophisticated system combined with the 'strength' inherited from ancient times.

What were the Kuji-in 1 ?
And what meaning did mantras have?
Conflict and rebirth. The pentagram and the circle.
What was the five elements?
And what did yin and yang mean?

The truth and the answer to these questions moved vividly in front of him. The systems that had been hidden in the world - no, the systems that had been forgotten by many were resuscitated by these excellent practitioners and were currently operating. The tremendous scale was sometimes surprising, and sometimes it was delicate and precise. Moreover, it was daring, ingenious, swift, and powerful.

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