Sunday, April 3, 2016

Tokyo Ravens 06

Volume 6 - Black Shaman ASSAULT

Chapter 1 - Under the Rainy Season's Overcast Sky

"The essence of sorcery is lies."
"That's why it is said that when one person is cursed, two graves are dug"
-Ashiya Douman

Part 1

It was night.
Outside, it was raining lightly. One could also hear the pitter-pattering sound of the rain from the inside of the room.

At the top-most floor inside a high-class apartment in the Tokyo capital, several rooms and attics were linked together, forming a labyrinth of open space. Junk objects were laid all around, giving it a chaotic appearance.

Large segments of the windows were tightly shut. The light from an antique lamp mixed together with the surrounding ambient light to give off a warning-light kind of intensity, throbbing on and off.

The irregularity of the flashing light created a sense of illusion, unknowingly affecting the five senses and gradually sending them into disarray. A damp musty odor filled the stale air, however at the same time, slight traces of a delicate fragrance drifted through as well. This weird space, filled with demonic confusing energies made one forget about the passage of time.

A man walked along the room corridor, creating soft footsteps.

Under the flashing lights, his short golden hair and face with many distinct edges and corners could be seen. He wore a casual, neat western suit without a tie. The man’s walking posture was as if he were an ancient king reviewing the labyrinth that would become his own tomb.

A lantern’s flame was flickering at the man’s feet, his shadow moving erratically across the ceiling of the room. A small headed lizard crawled along the wall.

The room was not only simply intricate, but it was also shielded with many heavy magic, thus changing it both physically and magically into a labyrinth.

The man stopped walking several times; he showed a troubled expression, however it did not have the feeling of confusion. Up till the last moment, he did not take the wrong route, coming to his target’s side.

This target was in the deepest part of the labyrinth, inside a small study. The walls and ceiling of the study room were covered in bookshelves; there were numerous tightly-packed piles of old books and files, exotic paintings and incense, and other items of unknown purposes. Opened books and book
boxes, discarded Japanese paper, and ink dried pens were scattered on the tatami mat. There was even a table lying horizontally on the floor.

That was the entire decadent study.

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