Sunday, April 3, 2016

Tokyo Ravens 04

Volume 4 - GIRL RETURN & days in nest I

Chapter 1 - Star Raid

In front of me was a group of unfamiliar faces of a similar age as mine. That person was in there, I thought, my expression inquiring.

Actually, I didn't care at all, nor could I possibly care. It was just that this person was definitely panicked right now, and I really wanted to laugh and mock that stupid appearance.

Strangely, I found that person without much trouble.

The moment our gazes crossed--

Part 1

The cherry blossoms were in bloom, dyeing Shibuya Street in pink colors of spring.

It was a nice spring day, with a sweet smell vaguely floating in the air. The big city that was normally bustling and uninteresting was now unusually at ease, an atmosphere that could only be experienced in this time.

"This is probably what's called the joys of spring." Tsuchimikado Harutora spoke cheerfully as he walked on the familiar road.

This place was the road to the Onmyouji cultivation facility - the Onmyou Academy. On the road his gaze slightly rose, looking at the cherry blossoms blooming along the road. The wind blew from time to time, and petals would float off the branches accordingly, lightly dancing in the wind. That image was as if the cherry blossoms were frolicking elegantly, enjoying the spring day's light.

The extremely elegant Yoshino cherry blossoms had drops of red amidst pure white. In comparison, Harutora wore a dark bluish-black Onmyou Academy uniform that resembled Heian-era imperial clothing. He hadn't been used to wearing the Onmyou Academy uniform in the beginning, but now he was already completely suited to it.

"I thought a place like Tokyo would be noisy and crowded and that we wouldn't feel the seasons changing at all...... But it's not actually like that. Not only are there more parks, there's green everywhere if you pay close attention."

"It's just unfortunate that it's all green planted by humans." Ato Touji who walked by his side replied to Harutora's feelings, his words ironic, showing his unique style. Touji wore the same uniform as Harutora and had a bandanna tied around his forehead, freely tying back his long hair. Even if his tone was tart, Touji's gaze was actually pointed towards the cherry blossoms over his head as well, but instead of saying that he was appreciative, it was better to say that the scene seemed like the cherry blossoms naturally drew in his gaze.

"Don't be that bothersome. Even if it's a city, it's still cherry blossoms that are blooming." Harutora spoke, smiling happily.

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