Sunday, April 3, 2016

Tokyo Ravens 03

Volume 3 - cHImAirA DanCE

Chapter 1 - A New Beginning

Very few people present at the time noticed the beginning of that incident.
Most people, almost all people only noticed after thinking about it after the fact.
Noticing that they had crossed the line that could not be returned to.

Part 1

There were heavy chains outside the hospital room, the door was enchanted with magic, and a sacred rope was twined around itself on the outside, with sakaki inserted to the left and right. His father cautiously removed them one by one, and finally put the key into the lock, turning the door handle.

This cautious attitude made him inadvertently swallow. He only now realized that he had only made this proposal because of his unsatisfied curiosity and boredom - as well as some sympathy.

His father laughed, asking him "maybe you should just drop it", but he immediately shook his head upon hearing that. That sympathy had long since turned into a different emotion the moment he saw this 'sealed' hospital room.

After taking a deep breath - the youth slowly opened the hospital room door.

Part 2

When the sound of the bell announcing the end of the exams sounded, the students sighed one after another, the tense atmosphere in the classroom suddenly collapsing. Murmurs and laughter came after a while, and the teacher responsible for proctoring the exam walked through the classroom,
rapidly collecting the exam papers from the students' desks. The proctor collected the exam paper from in front of the straight-backed, properly-sitting Tsuchimikado Natsume, but Tsuchimikado Harutora sprawled on his desk, half-dead.

The Onmyou Academy - The premier Onmyouji development institution in the nation. This place was one of the classrooms of the academy building.

Harutora was collapsed on the desk, and the look on his face was indiscernible at the time. Even if the exam had ended, restlessness and tension still lingered on the face of Natsume in the neighboring seat, but she herself wasn't the reason to make her restless and tense. Rather, it was Harutora, as this
childhood friend had collapsed on the desk long before the bell had sounded.

When she was taking the exam, Natsume would often glance anxiously at Harutora, and once the proctor collected the exam papers and left, she couldn't wait to open her mouth to inquire.

"Harutora? The exam just now--"

"Don't say it." Harutora interrupted her words without waiting for her to finish, still sprawled weakly on the desk. "Don't say it and don't ask, don't say anything at all, don't ask anything at all, let me have some peace and quiet......

Please, tasukete......"

"P, Please isn't the same as 'tasukete', don't you mean 'onegai'?"

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