Sunday, April 3, 2016

Tokyo Ravens 02

Volume 2 - RAVEN's NEST

Chapter 1 - Young Ravens' Academy

Tsuchimikado Yakou had two retainers, to aid and protect him.
One named Hishamaru, and one named Kakugyouki.

Part 1

She knew it was him at first glance. The moment she first saw him, she couldn't control her intense heartbeat.

His handsome, proper facial features, a head of jet-black hair almost like a girl's, and particularly that exceptionally concentrated aura... He was independent, withdrawn, but it was hard to conceal his noble and stately presence.

Each student at the Onmyou Academy had areas of magic that they were talented at, but this person excelled at all of them. His presence was still the strongest among the new students.

The descendant of the great Onmyouji Abe no Seimei.
The heir to the Tsuchimikado Onmyoudou family.

The reincarnation of Tsuchimikado Yakou - who was said to be the ancestor of modern Onmyoudou, taboo among the magic community - Tsuchimikado Natsume.

No one in the classroom knew his life story, so he had his fill of attention, but at the same time no one expressed a desire to take the initiative to get close to him, so his existence stuck out like a sore thumb. He seemed to have realized the surrounding situation and his own position early on, so he deliberately stayed away from others, always adhering to a snobbish attitude.

He was always alone.
Maybe it had been so in the past as well.

So, when she sat in front of him, she knew that every student in the classroom drew in a breath, but she didn't care. Even if all of the students kept their distance from her later on, she would still accompany him. She had decided this since the day they had promised many years ago.

He noticed someone was approaching, raising his head. Glancing at him, his smile was so beautiful it didn't seem like a man's, a big difference from her past impression of him, but maybe what had changed was the vague memories inside her own heart.

Her heart thumped abnormally intensely.
She smiled cheerfully to conceal her accelerating heartbeat.
"I, It's been a while, Natsume-kun...... Do you still remember me?"

Doubt and caution showed from the pair of eyes gazing at her, seeming as if he didn't remember. No, it was possible he didn't recognize her.

She tried her best to suppress the anticipation and anxiety roaring in her heart, saying: "I'm Kurahashi Kyouko, from the Kurahashi family......"

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