Sunday, April 3, 2016

Tokyo Ravens 01

Volume 1 - SHAMAN*CLAN

Chapter 1 - The Son of the Branch Family

"Do you know what the essence of sorcery is?"
"The answer is 'lies'."
-Tsuchimikado Yakou.

Part 1
It was an incident that happened many years ago.

When the adult relatives gathered for an occasion, Harutora and Natsume would often play with each other.

The playful Harutora would often get hurt, but Natsume, the princess of the main family, was very modest and docile. She was scared of meeting strangers and had few friends. Thus, whenever Harutora came by, her face would flush with excitement. She would listen to whatever Harutora would say and would follow him wherever he went.

The place they played at was the courtyard inside the main family mansion.

There was a bamboo forest in this wide garden, a lake, some stone lanterns, some fake hills, moss, little insects, shrines and so on. It was filled with delight and adventure.

But during one time, when they were playing, Natsume was suddenly frightened as she hid behind Harutora. She would give a crying look when they were playing tag or hide and seek, and she would hug Harutora tightly as she said,

"I think there’s something, Looking right at me."

Harutora could not see anything.

At first, he thought that Natsume was being too scared, called her a scaredy- cat, a crybaby, and even told her off.

Just go back to the adults if you’re so scared. I can play on my own.

Because of Harutora, Natsume almost ended up crying. However, she did not do so, but managed to endure, forcing a smile as she continued to play with Harutora.

But when Harutora heard from his parents that Natsume was ‘a child who could see’, he knew he was wrong.
Natsume was not scared, but saw something Harutora did not see.


Natsume’s eyes widened when she saw Harutora lower his head in apology.

Harutora continued to insist that he was to blame and apologized saying that it was his fault.
I can’t see anything that scares me, and whatever I can’t see can’t scare me.

Thus, when you’re scared, I’ll definitely protect you, Natsume.
And so, Natsume suddenly mumbled some words to herself, and then gave Harutora an expectant look.

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