Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sword Art Online Versus - Accel World Crossover

Roppongi, 2026 

"Heh...... So this is the «4th-Generation FullDive Experimental Unit»."

I muttered while looking up at the huge enshrined hexahedron in front of me.

The bare aluminum surface was shining dully, with growling sounds from several of the large cooling fans that were lined up . One side of it was linked to the gel bed, the headrest was covered by a protruding crude helmet-based interface.

"So huge, weren't the machines used in the early days of the amusement parks smaller than this, Higa-san?"

I turned around and said to the man at the control console. The operator raised his face, shrugged and replied,

"Even so, Kirigaya-kun, this is already compact compared to the original estimate. Besides, the specs of the first generation at the olden days' game centers weren't much different from Mega Drive or Dream Cast."

"......I never saw either of the real machines though......"

"Well, then let's have life songs! This time at my apartment, it'll be a strictly reggae camp......"

And the man who blurted out strange things was ―― Higa Takeru, the researcher responsible for the development of the world's state-of-the-art VR machine. Looking at him from the outside, it would be hard to believe, as his hairstyle stuck out thinly like a pin holder, he wore big rounded glasses, and his T-shirt had a game character printed on it. It would be 100 times more matching for him to be in the vicinity of the shops in Akihabara[1] than this gloomy hi-tech room.

But even though I say that, I was still in uniform after school time too.

Why was I ―― Kirigaya Kazuto, here at the harbor ward in Roppongi, in the laboratory of a certain venture company? The reason was simple, it was just a part-time job.

From the first-generation of the large scale amusement machine, to the 2nd-generation Nerve Gear or AmuSphere, then to the 3rd-generation medical equipment, the FullDive machines have evolved. Of course, anyone can use it, but there were some with a certain degree of adaptability. That is, their brains could connect to the machine with a high efficiency rate. And in addition to the innate aptitude, the experience could be improved during a long Dive.

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