Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sword Art Online - Sound of Water, Sound of Hammer (Aincrad 48th Floor August 2024)

Aincrad 48th 

Floor August 2024 

"Please reinforce it."

I stared hard at the face of my client, who placed a long sword in a white scabbard onto the counter while calmly saying that line, for roughly two seconds.

"...Wh-What is it?"

Upper body leaning away, the other party finally responded with a single cough.

"It-It's nothing. ...It's just that, I was wondering how long you're intending to drag this sword along."

It was a line meant as a light jab at that display of bashfulness, but with a—

"It-It's fine, isn't it, me dragging it about. I like it, after all."

I was rendered once again, speechless at that reply. If we were to continue looking at each other face to face like this, that near unnoticeable reddish tinge on my cheeks would be exposed, so I hastily averted my face and spoke.

"Well, it's just like you to not even update your equipment though. Well then, please come along to the workshop."

Reaching my hands towards the counter, I lifted the long sword with my fighting spirit, going "Yoisho!".

The reason my face turned red was simple.

It was because three months ago, this slender long sword in my arms right now, «Dark Repulser», was what I—Lisbeth the smith, forged by swinging my smith hammer: a player-made weapon; also, the black-haired, black-clothed one-handed sword user, Kirito, who just made the "I like it" comment, was the person I am in love with. Ever since the day we met, without ceasing.

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