Saturday, November 14, 2015

Sword Art Online Material Edition Compilation

From this Fourth Material Edition onwards, the rest will shift to the novel format.

What I'm writing might look like an excuse (Laughs). My take on the work is, «Conveying the visual image in my head», . Because it works as a tool for transmission, I feel there is no essential difference whether it is in pictures or words form.

Of course, a picture (manga) conveys a visual message with more power and a large foundation, but sometimes, «a scene that is hard to draw» does exist... and so, as an active novelist, my existing aim is to write an article of which «its visuals can be seen through reading». Although it is quite difficult.

Ah, concerning this text, I still haven't mentioned anything about the content, it is about Kirito-shi and Asuna san, as always

After completing a day of hunting, I returned to my house on the fiftieth floor, which was located in «Algade», but my body still had that marvelously uncomfortable feeling.

My body movement became slow. I couldn't stand straight. My entire body felt like I was carrying a prop which my back could not achieve the required strength, it felt really heavy, as I opened the main menu window, but could not see any place written in red.

As I unsteadily staggered out onto the path from the square, my thoughts remained uninterrupted.

If this discomfort is a negative status, there should be a warning flashing before my eyes. And since I'm within the District Boundary, negative status such as poison and paralysis should be removed.

Maybe I got affected by a new unknown monster's negative status effects. Even after entering the boundary it did not disappear, and at the same time does not trigger a warning ―― something like «Curse».

At this point, an evil cold crept up from my toes to my body, causing me to shiver.

It is still September in Aincrad, too early for winter. But, going through my coat, penetrating deep into my muscles and bones, was like the wind of winter.

I couldn't return to my room under these conditions. Thinking like this, I increased my pace, going into the first hotel I discovered. I quickly rented an empty room at the front desk, and after taking the key I rolled and crawled to the front of the furthest door from the desk.

As I sat on a simple bed in the narrow room, I unequipped all my equipments to make my body feel lighter, then took out all kinds of antidotes for all kinds of negative statuses and tried them all one by one. I then used a Crystal which could remove all negative effects, and awaited the moment for I returned to normal.

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