Friday, June 5, 2015

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka Volume 02

Ridicule from the Weak

Supporter, a non-combatant used in exploration of the dungeon. It is mainly responsible for the recovery of Magic Stones and Loot Drop Rewards, and safely transporting it back onto ground level.

In order to not give any additional burdens to comrades fighting against monsters in the front lines, they are charged with all the tasks regarding about support. In short, Supporters are the people that carry the luggage.

“Hey, WHAT ARE YOU DOING! Hurry up!”

Today, I was scolded again. Carrying a huge amount of luggage that seemed to be ready to burst out. Against a slightly slower pace, a male adventurer gave off a scold filled with contempt. In the dungeon, only people, with a sufficiently bright light, will not feel bad for themselves. The voice, that did not attempt to hide the contempt, echoed sharply.

“You can’t even carry some luggage correctly, how useless!”

These ridicule phrases against the people who carry the luggage, to now, I’ve heard enough of it that he was talking my ears off. It really was an unchanging complaint. These arrogant words were also sometimes changed into imperious violence. At least to them, who always stay on the top floors, they could not feel the concerns of the people from the lower floors. Adventurers will never take into consideration of the Supporters.

Moreover, professional Supporters could only become the target of ridicule. No matter where or when, people have always treated the weak cruelly.

Money, Pride, Hope. They have all been taken away by them. From the Lower Floors, there was this saying that I’ve heard before. It is said that, without a good Supporter, Adventurers cannot show their true value.

It is said that, because of the efforts of the Supporters, Adventurers are able to go through the dungeons. It is said that, they are the Unsung Heroes. It was a saying that was worded beautifully, and I nodded as if I understood it. There was indeed truth along those words. There must be some truths. Supporters are tasked with reducing the burden for the Adventurers. This was indisputable.

“You don’t even do your work correctly and you even get into our way. There is no reward for you!”

But, to these adventurers who know nothing, the amount of burden reduced was questionable. In the end, where is a commendable Adventurer who’s able to realize the importance of a Supporter. Where is such a person, who would not fling out hard words like the one in front of me to a Supporter, which is one of the specialized careers. Or rather do they exist or not.

“Listen up, at least when we are surrounded by monsters, go work——Useless fellow.”

Looking at the adventurer who was saying this, I couldn’t help but laugh. So that was it, that was it. Really, they are a group of people who do not expect anything, so they will not be disappointed.

Adventurers are such things.

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