Friday, June 5, 2015

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka Volume 03

Alea Jacta Est 

“Ottar. That child had become stronger again.”

“Once again, is it.” “Ehehe.”

The dim interior. The dusk that covered the window followed into the depths of the room. The Magic Lamp on the table seems to be flickering like a candle flame. Freya quietly lifted the corner of her mouth. The skyscraper facility built directly on top of the dungeon. The very top floor. There are a small number of furnishings. Although the decorations had at least reached the degree where it didn’t match the top-class suite and spacious room, but no matter which decoration it was, it was extremely extravagant.

At the same time, the room’s own decoration was also extremely elegant. The giant bookshelf, the huge bed that was contrary to common sense, and the dark red colored unique carpet. A painting of the sun and the moon was hanged and occupied the entire wall. The silver haired Goddess held a wine glass while she was immersed in a topic with a carefully selected follower.

“Looks like I saw it wrong. It is not the . Just by obtaining Magic, that child’s brightness has gone up another level……

In my opinion, it is like a material becoming more refined.” 

Looking towards the glass cup that was shrouded by the cold air that exuded from the moonlight that enetered the room, Freya stared at the surface of the water that was reflecting the light. The young white wine that was being illuminated did not have a deep color. Of course, the taste was also. But Freya seemed to treat this transparent color as irreplaceable. Her silver eyes narrowed to a smiling shape, and she brought the glass to her lips. 

“Development of the material……The improvement is apparent, right?” 

“Perhaps that is true.” 

Standing in the room was a solemn Ottar, who confirmed briefly. Maintaining in an upright posture without moving, his gaze towards his Main Goddess as a follower was serene. While being guarded by the rust-colored eyes, even if it was slowly, Freya lowered half her eyelids. 

“However, there is only one……only one, an existence that hinders the brightness. It is almost like chains that bind the child.” “……” 

“That’s right, the material has already been enough. But the core is not enough. 

No, the core itself is there, but it seems very vague……

Is it missing something or is it being prevented.” 

“Ottar, do you know?” Freya turned around to seek for advice. In short, it was because they were both male children, so she inquired this. The statue-like beastman temporarily tightened his mouth, then he responsded to his owner’s question. 

“Probably a predestined relationship” 

“Predestined Relationship……?” 

“Yes. As Freya-sama had said, it is the predestined relationship between that person and the Minotaur……Being unable to wipe the stain from his past. Perhaps it had become a thorn in a place where the actual person have no knowledge of, and is torturing him.”

She had once allowed Ottar to listen about the dispute between Bell and the Minotaur. Freya, herself, did not hear this directly from Bell’s mouth. In the end, it was just a rumor of some sort she had heard. He did not exceed the limits of speculation, but suffered a crushing defeat to the ferocious Bull and fled in panic.

This was probably true. Freya placed her folded fingers onto her jaw. “In other words, a trauma……Children really are very delicate.

Even if we have a thing called persistence, and will absolutely never stick to the past. Interesting…….Or should I say, from your perspective, we are just happily passing everyday?”

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