Friday, June 5, 2015

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka Volume 04

The Fastest Boy on the Streets

Gaya, Gaya, the guild was surrounded by noise in the early morning.

The time period from early morning to noon, Adventurers would head over to this spacious hall nonstop. Although there are some people who went to discuss about their future for exploring the dungeon with their advisors, but the majority of the people were here to collect updated information from the huge bulletin board or from their peers.

With the business-type factions notification of new products being sold and purchasing new drop loot as the lead, the other <Familia> are concerned about the witness report about the unconfirmed rare type. The information made public by the
guild had great value to the Adventurers and should not be underestimated.

Facing the possible fate for tomorrow, or also may collecting information for tomorrow‘s wealth, the majority of them ——Obviously——should not be neglected

The strong sunlight illuminated the large hall, numerous demi-humans were moving their hands and legs as they talked.

―WA~. It seems that those Adventurers increased again today.

―Hey, we are still working. Don‘t talk with me.

Sitting at the window counter, Eina quietly whispered and reminded Misha, who was scratching her own ears.

Just like what she had said, from this morning, there were even more Adventurer figures. Including Eina, each receptionist ladies were currently thinking of taking specific measures and speeding up their pace of work constantly. Up until just now, Eina was bringing the Adventurers around. She could finally take a break now.

Normally, the group people, who likes to approach the beautiful receptionist ladies in broad daylight, today, they were sent away packing.

―The God‘s Meeting is approaching soon. Recently, rumors of <Level Up> had constantly spread between Adventurers......As expected, the main one is that one, the rumor of a Minotaur appearing on the 9 th floor.
―......Well, yes. It seems like so.

3 days ago, information from a paled-face Lv.1 Adventurer had spread.

That is <The Minotaur appearing on the Upper Floors>.

More than half of the Orario Adventurers were stunned about the news brought by the <Loki‘s Familia> and requested detailed information to be provided from the guild.

Although Monsters moving between floors occurs quite often, but according to the popular belief, the magnitude is only going up or below 2 floors. However, this time, the eyewitness report of the Minotaur was that it had actually came up to the 9 th Floor in <Upper Floors>. The distance that separated the Monster‘s birth place was 6 Floors difference from the 15 th Floor. It was self-evident that this was unusual.

Anyways, it is not the first time that the Minotaur had appeared in the Upper Floors.

Just because of this, it had doubled the unrest of the Adventurers.

Approximately a month ago——The day Bell encountered Aizu, that Monster had once appeared on the Upper Floors.

It was later said that this incident was an accident caused by the <Loki‘s Familia> when they were returning from their <Expedition>——Although the guild had repeatedly explained this point, but the Adventurers did not easily accept it. Among them, ideas were sprouted out such as ―Could it be that the Dungeon structure is changing, and causing the Minotaurs to be produced on the Upper Floor?

You‘re overreacting——Eina and the others could not say these words.

Towards Lv. 1 Adventurers, this is a matter of life and death. If the Middle Floor Monsters were to appeared at the Upper Floors, it was impossible for them to continue to calmly explore. Because they touch the Monsters every day, this point had already been engraved deep inside their heart. The guild also understood this that it was excusable for the Adventurers to surge over here like this.

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