Sunday, April 26, 2015

Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabukome wa Machigatte Iru Volume 05

Suddenly, the harmony of the Hikigaya household is destroyed.

I typed away at the keyboard on my laptop as I lay on the floor.

For the most part, I had finished the research project. Now it’s just a matter of making it presentable and it was complete.

With that being said, this research project wasn’t mine. My high school’s assignment was just a math workbook which I promptly got out of the way by copying down answers. No big deal, I was set on a private university for liberal arts, so math wasn’t necessary.This research project wasn’t mine, but Komachi’s, my little sister.

As for the aforementioned person in question, she was lying next to me—recovering from her exam studying fatigue—and was raising our beloved cat Kamakura high up while squeezing his paws.
This brat… how could she be doing this when there’s someone next to her slaving over her work right now…? Don’t make me squeeze your paws!

Well, I did want her to concentrate on her exams, so I had to at least give her this much service. The pervading idea that there’s no meaning unless you did something yourself was quite right, but common sense need not rear its head before my little sister.Morality and logic were nothing but a triviality, for the meaning of “little sister” was the combination of the meanings of “woman” and “the end”.

In other words, the beginning and the future of women were little sisters and eventually, the end for all women. The Alpha and the Omega2 as they say.

From origin to the end. It could very well be called the final form of evolution for all women. To stand at the summit of all women meant standing above all of mankind; there’s no way I could go against an opponent like that. Henceforth, we established the Theory of Ultimate Little Sisters.

Therefore, I ended up doing half of Komachi’s research project… “Therefore” what? Well, how about this then? Learning how to use people and culltivating personal connections that’d come to your aid was a form of studying as well.

As those thoughts swirled in my head, I hammered away at the keyboard and the idiotic, but pleasant report was complete.

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