Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu Volume 11 - The Surprise of Haruhi Suzumiya Second Part

Thursday was the next day.

The time from morning to evening, usually allocated for routine lectures, crept along painfully slow for the entire day. Thankfully, at the chime signalling the end of homeroom Haruhi and I were finally free.

Seems like the one-on-one lecture with Haruhi was to last only until yesterday. The lecture accompanied by the view of the students – who were assigned to cleaning duties – of an indescribable phenomenon had also stopped. Thus, we rushed out of the classroom in that manner. And just to clarify, I was just forcefully dragged out of the classroom by Haruhi, though I was happy that I no longer needed to attend any after-class lectures by Haruhi-sensei.

Just like how we had always used the same route to get to the Literature Club classroom, the atmosphere of spring in the school was becoming second-nature to me as well. It was mid-April so we had grown used to spring being constantly around us. It was as one expected from a four-season climate: seasons appear faithfully every year without being asked and continue to control every living being on earth since the beginning of time. Wait, isn’t that just showing off?

However one could not go against the flow of time which continued to push us along. Changes which could not be ignored even began knocking on the door of the SOS Brigade, which had been faced with an aggressive force since last spring.

If one were to bring such a phenomenon to the courtroom, it could be presented as evidence without any problem. As such, a person exemplifying that was waiting for us.

The moment we opened the door, someone promptly stood up from the pipe chair. “I’ve been waiting, Senpais!” The one calling out like a young swallow towards its parents returning to their nest was the boisterous female freshman. She was the only one to have cleared the unreasonably difficult entrance trials set by Haruhi Suzumiya for joining the Brigade. With her hair jutting out in all directions as if she just had a failed hair perm and decorated with a smiley-face hairpin on her head was this girl waiting for us with shining, expectant eyes like Christmas lights.

“From today on I am officially a member of the SOS Brigade! It's very nice to meet you all! ”She gave a deep bow.

Yasumi Watahashi. Despite her occasional lisp, she had a voice whose volume would make one think she should consider joining the choir. Her countenance shone brilliantly like Venus during daybreak. Her vigor could rival that of Haruhi. It could be said that she looked like she possessed the energy that would let her run for a very long time.

“Ah, please make yourself at home, all right?” I replied with a sigh.

As if not bothered about my response, she lifted her head swiftly and replied “Okay! I’ve been doing that already! It’s very all right indeed!” Due to the charged particle cannon-like energy in her open and frank gaze, if I continued to look at her face that was overflowing with vitality my eye lens would fill to overcapacity and explode. Because of that, I casually averted my eyes and started looking for something to do in the room.

As usual everyone was assembled there. Asahina-san, already in her maid dress, was boiling water in a kettle. Koizumi was sitting in front of a bizarre board, which was neither that for playing Shogi or Go, and moving one of the circular pieces. At her usual seat was Nagato, who was reading a hardcover book and ignoring everything else in the universe.

Finally, seeming satisfied with no reason, Haruhi sat heavily at her brigade chief’s seat and stated, “Well then.”

Full of pompous grandeur like the meeting at Canossa Castle between Henry IV of the Holy Roman Empire and Pope Gregory VII, she continued with a smug smile. “Everyone should know who she is already but let me introduce this person again. This girl is our new member, selected from rigid and fair tests, Yasumi Watahashi-chan. Everyone remember all our achievements and lessons for the past year as the SOS Brigade and cram it into her brain! Do it strictly, but gently like you are giving candy flavored floss to a kid. Drill her so hard that she can become the foundation stone of the next generation of the SOS Brigade!”

“D-drill her…?” Casting her eyes on Yasumi, Asahina-san surveyed the domain of her jurisdiction, the tea sets, and had the look of Sen Rikyu1 pondering on how good it would be if a countryside commander taught him the true meaning of the hot water used to boil tea. Since this was not the Tea Ceremony Society, such a refined technique of making coarse tea and fine tea was not exactly necessary. Regardless, the tea made by Asahina-san’s hands was sweet like honeydew compared to the dilute and watery stuff made by Haruhi. Thus, in order to pass down the fine techniques of the Art of Asahina-style Tea to the next generation, she should teach it to the new member of our brigade. Incidentally, Haruhi did not teach anyone her techniques at all. That’s because her tea was just hot water with no identifiable color or taste.

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