Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu Volume 09 - The Dissociation of Haruhi Suzumiya

Methods employed to detect changes in seasons varies with the people doing so. For me, the easiest way about that would be through observing the tendencies of my calico cat, Shamisen.

When Shamisen stops sneaking into my bedding in the middle of the night, I would know that the few months of spring, the most appraised of the four seasons in the region, has arrived. But compared to cats, plants possess the same skill to a greater, and often awe-inspiring, extent. The cherry blossoms blooming everywhere appear to be ready to gradually wither in accordance with the timetable they had worked out. The sky of early April is as clear and blue as one colored by crayons. The sun, as if preparing for summer, spilled its golden glow over the lands with all its might. However, the winds that blow down from the mountains continue to carry a bit of chill, reminding me of the altitude of this city I inhabit.

I, with nothing to do, raised my head and looked up towards the blue sky and mentioned the following softly.

"It's spring already, huh..."

Making such a comment can be fully attributed to my boredom. That is why I did not expect a reply from anyone. But the person beside me, despite knowing full well of this fact, felt compelled to reply anyway.

"Undoubtedly, it is spring right now. To the students, it is also the start of both the academic and calendar year. My heart feels it is the start of a clean slate as well."

His surprisingly refreshing tone is appropriate for spring, so that is still all right. If it is used during summer, it would only make one feel warm. As for winter... the only person I wish that would speak to me like this would be Asahina-san, and her alone.

I am not too sure if he realized that my heart was no longer set on the conversation, and that all that was left there was my physical body, but he would continue his speech regardless of any interruptions.

"This is my second time welcoming spring since I entered high school. I do not know whether 'spring has finally arrived' or 'spring has arrived again so quickly' would more accurately convey the point I am trying to make here."

I wonder what there is to be so confused about. Were this in English, he could always use 'yet' to connect the phrases together. People cannot possibly remember all of what they do all the time. Thus, when one tries to remember them again, many of these past events appear to have past as quickly as a whiff of smoke. And because events that will happen have not happened yet, it is impossible to judge how quickly or slowly they pass. As for events happening now, I just have to use the amount of joy experienced during the event to judge how slow or fast it happened. Why not think about this in the viewpoint of clocks; don't they rely on counting seconds to measure the flow of time, while producing ticking sounds to remind people of this fact? Although occasionally one doesn't remember actually turning the alarm clock off, sometimes it just ends up not ringing, angering me to the extent of throwing the alarm clock at the wall. Such incidents happen most often on Monday mornings.

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