Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu Volume 08 - The Indignation of Suzumiya Haruhi


Haruhi said flatly, thrusting the manuscript back.

"It's no goo~d?" Asahina-san raised her voice to a near-scream, "But I really, really thought about it......"

"Yup, no good. Totally. It doesn't strike any chords."

Leaning back on the chief's desk, Haruhi took the pen that had been on her ear into her hand and continued,

"First, this introduction is too common. 'Long, long ago, in a certain place......' whatever; that's such a stale and ordinary way to start a story. Give it a little more twist. The beginning part should go for the catch, okay? First impressions are crucial."

"But," Asahina-san nervously said,

"I thought that was how fairy tales are......"

"That mindset is obsolete!" Haruhi handed out the rejection with a thoroughly self-important air.

"The transformation of ideas is necessary. If you remember hearing this or that somewhere, think about the opposite first. Then you might just give birth to something new."

This feeling like we were rapidly straying from the point was the result of Haruhi's thought system. It's not like the pick-off motion of a pitcher that let a fast runner get on first base, and I
don't think it'll be good if you just do the opposite, either.

"Anyway, this is rejected."

After making it a point to write "retake" over the copy paper of the manuscript with a red pen, she lightly tossed it into a cardboard box beside her desk. Within the box that had been originally loaded with oranges now was a mountain of wastepaper she had decided to send to the incinerator.

"Write something new."


With shoulders drooped, Asahina-san dejectedly returned to her seat. She was just too pitiable. The sight of her gripping her pencil, arms wrapped around her head, brings out burning compassion and sympathy.

On a whim, my eyes shifted to the perfectly nondescript corner of the table, and there was, precious for this clubroom's scenery, the figure of Nagato-not-reading.

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