Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu Volume 07 - The Intrigues of Suzumiya Haruhi

Suzumiya Haruhi has become very pensive lately.

Even though she is often melancholic and sometimes easily agitated, she is actually very sociable. Even so, she's been surprisingly tranquil these past couple days. This quietness from who-knows-where even scares people like me.

Of course, it isn't like her to stay quiet, and it definitely isn't a change of heart. Haruhi never doubts herself. Even if her personality has a slight or subtle change, she will never question herself. Anyway, if such a change were to happen, I would be put in a troublesome situation. So at this moment in time, I wouldn't bother to try and correct her. How should I put this... there's a type of quietness that's like a continuously radiating kirlian photograph in which the light has gone from burning red to a duller orange which is subtly surrounding her.

Of all the people in the class only one, at most two will be able to realize that she is not quite the same as usual. Of these two, one is me.

Ever since I entered high school, she has always been sitting behind me and we meet after school every day. So, I can say without exaggerating that if anyone has noticed anything it would have to be me. But even though I say she's calm now, that bright flare can still give the all-knowing a run for their money. As soon as it bursts forth, the energy that will not stop until it succeeds will show its true colors.

Note that while she only got second at the event the school organized at the end of last month, Haruhi got first in the marathon held at the school at the beginning of this month. By the way, the winner of the first event was none other than Nagato Yuki, who also got second in the marathon. In a nutshell, the leaders of the SOS Brigade and the literature Club are both amazing and fit to be grouped with the Warlords in the past. And yet again, the school was left to rack its brains and try and figure out what the Brigade was doing. One such student who wondered this was me, a member.

If I know only one thing, it's that once Haruhi displays that kind of expression and spirit, I can be sure that she's planning something. And at the moment she has thought it through, her face will transform back to its enchanting, smiling form.

Oddly, I don't actually remember when I discovered this. When was it? I tried flipping through the history book in my mind, searching through for the record that displayed her quiet side gradually disappearing.

A calm moment is the accurate, unmistakable prediction of a giant tsunami. It has always been like that.


It is now the beginning of February, the cold winter is nearing its end.

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