Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu Volume 03 - The Boredom of Suzumiya Haruhi

As much as I'd like to say the club was founded on the melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, my own melancholy would be a much more appropriate description. The SOS Brigade was established in early spring, while the whole self-made movie incident happened in the autumn. The project caused me to sigh endlessly, but hardly fazed Haruhi.

Half a year had gone by between the two events. Of course, in that time, which included the summer, Haruhi could not and did not let time pass by pointlessly. It was no surprise that there had been so many illogical and absurd incidents. I don't even know if some of them were real incidents or just accidents. Let's just say that we were pulled into everything against our desires.

No matter what you say, seasons come and seasons go. As the average temperature rises, inconceivable ideas arise endlessly from Haruhi's mind, similar to how different kinds of insects appear out of nowhere. It would be all right if she kept those ideas inside her head, but no, those ideas always result in a variety of creepy situations that the whole group is forced to deal with properly. What is going on?

I don't know what Itsuki, Yuki, or Mikuru are thinking, but here is what my self-diagnosis tells me, at least. My mind and body are healthy, but every time something happens, I feel as if I am some sort of small round animal that can't move easily because I ate too much. The same ending always happens, and that is myself rolling on and on down the hill.

Perhaps I have already started rolling.

Haruhi has a very bothersome habit: whenever her mind is not filled with happy thoughts, she starts thinking up ideas that make you want to laugh and cry at the same time. Anyway, she just cannot endure sitting still and doing nothing. She is just that kind of person. Whenever she has nothing to do, she will go and find something to do. This will usually be something absurd. From my personal experiences, whenever Haruhi says something, the rest of us will not be able to enjoy our peaceful days. Perhaps those good old days will never come back. What a troublesome person.

It doesn't matter if the result is good or bad, as long as her life is not boring. That's Suzumiya Haruhi for you.

Because this is a rare chance, let me share with you how our SOS brigade fought back “boredom” during the half a year when our melancholy became frustration. As to why I said this is a rare chance, I actually don't know. I just think that it wouldn't do me harm if I shared the stories. And, anyway, I really hope that at least one person will “share” my indescribable feelings.

Yes... Let's start with that silly baseball game.

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