Thursday, April 2, 2015

Full Metal Panic! Volume 10

It was only 14 hours after the battle in Nickelo, but there had already been three online meetings in Amalgam.

“Then? What is the condition of Mister Silver?”

“In critical condition” Mister Kalium, Kalinin, answered to Mister Gold’s question.

There were no feelings in his words; it was simply a tone of voice which conveyed the truth. It had already been a few months since Mister Gold had began corresponding with the Russian, and he could tell there was no cynicism or jest in Kalinin’s words. He was an effective commander of the Special Forces and an honest warrior who devoted himself to his current situation. He had no interest in politics or money; such was a “Fine Soldier”.

Mister Gold’s had devised a plan to attack his and Leonard’s forces in the name of “support”. He had driven them into a corner. Even if he complained of Gold’s deed at that meeting he knew it would be meaningless. Simply by using conciliation or threats the majority of the management was on Gold’s side.

Mister Kalium continued his report.

“He is currently in the outskirts of Acapulco receiving medical treatment. Even if he was saved there are still prognostic symptoms remaining. He can’t even stand by himself.”

“How unfortunate, for that youth. He was such a great asset.”

Murmuring such, Mister Gold sunk into his seat in the online meeting room. With only voice communication his form could not be seen by anybody else. Even then, he was careful not to slacken the expression of his face.

The management who were in attendance were scattered around the world. Gold was in the Far East- in Tokyo. In one of the rooms in the upper buildings erected in Akasaka. If he walked a few steps coming out of the meeting room, he was in a position to easily look over to see the streets of Nakata in the afternoon from the super bullet proof window.

He was Japanese.

From his face he was a man who held immense political power, at the same time he was a patriot. He strongly regulated the domestic terrorism, definitely not relinquishing control in case an incident should occur. Even if he allowed the Behemoth to go berserk in Tokyo, he would not allow nuclear terrorism. He was also the one who acknowledged the transfer of the Behemoth to the organization called A21, at the same time preparing a “safety switch”. When necessary he would activate the self destruct switch. In Gold’s thinking, he would have it go moderately berserk heading to the city center at dawn, and then have the Behemoth retreat.

The number of “trivial” domestic terrorism incidents that happened in the last year which he had managed to organize were strongly influenced by Japan’s Security Department. Public Safety officials were competent enough to have the responsibility of scrupulously covering it up, attaining the post from their successors through manipulation. Due to external crisis, the dependable opinion of the person was labeled as a “traitor”.

No, practically all his colleagues were traitors. The world consisted of scrambling and cheating each other. The survivor would not superficially gain the wealth. That island country with limited resources… it was a miracle that they had prospered those 50 years while being involved in conflicts. He had the responsibility of having that miracle continue.

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