Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Full Metal Panic! Volume 02

Lunchtime on the rooftop provided a sanctuary from vigilant teachers' eyes. Although it was smack in the middle of rainy season, the weather was fair: The sky was blue, and the strong sun reflected pure white off the rooftop.

A boy and a girl stood near a remote corner of the roof.

Standing with her back against the roof's railing, the shorthaired girl stared down with a troubled expression. Smoke drifted upward from the cigarette in the right hand of the long-haired male in front of her.

"So, you don't like me after all, Noriko?" he asked

"It's not like that. I ... I do like you, Mikio."

"It's been two months since we started dating, and all we've done is kiss!" he protested.

"Well ... " Noriko searched for her answer. "I guess I'm scared."

Annoyed, Mikio exhaled a thick cloud of smoke. "We're not in middle school anymore, you know. We really should, you know, get to know each other better."

"Maybe we can get to know each other m other ways," she suggested.

"That's not enough. We need to-"


A gunshot interrupted their conversation. Mikio and Noriko's attention instantly turned toward the source of the sound: the top of the water tower protruding from the roof.

On the edge of the tower, a male student with a sullen face and tight-lipped mouth was lying face down, aiming a rifle. Around the sniper, whose gun barrel pointed toward the area of the campus, there were toolboxes, ammo cases, and other supplies that looked almost like green coffee cans.

The sniper was Sousuke Sagara, a second year student in class four. This transfer student was the class "war nut," a repatriate who had grown up in international trouble zones and lacked all understanding of how to live in a peaceful environment.

"Hm." Surveying his distant target through binoculars, Sousuke made a note on a clipboard before taking out another round and loading it in the rifle. Taking careful aim at a different corner of the
campus, he fired again.

After the heavy gunshot, Sousuke checked the results through his binoculars. Tilting his head with dissatisfaction, he made another mark on his clipboard. At that point, he noticed Mikio and Noriko
staring at him and said, "Carry on, guys. Don't mind me."

He loaded the next round into his rifle, completely unconcerned with the onlookers. After a brief moment of silence, they awkwardly resumed their conversation.

"So, urn, as I was saying: Isn't it about time? Are we lovers or what?"

"Well, I suppose-"


"You're important to me, Noriko."

"I know, Mikio, and that's good-"


"I want to deepen my bond with the girl I like. It's perfectly natural."

"I'd like to do that, too- "

"Really? Let's go for it, then. You know, tonight-"


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