Thursday, April 2, 2015

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Volume 12

“…I’m sorry, Yuuji.”
“What’s the matter, Shouko? Why are you apologizing?”

“…Because I never trusted you, Yuuji.”
“Don’t worry too much over that small thing.”

“Don’t apologize, okay? I’m wrong for remaining silent up till now.”

“Right, then forget everything about it.”

“…Yes, I’ll forget everything, so—”

“…So, how did you intend to confess your feelings to me in the first place, Yuuji? Tell me about it some day.”


“…It’s alright. I’ll always believe and wait for you.”

“No no no! Even if you wait—s"
“…Didn’t you say you’ll tell me after winning this summoning war?”

“So, since I love you most, Yuuji, you have to come back with a win, okay?”

“……Isn’t that line from you too despicable, Shouko?”

“You want me to speak up with such little coercion?”

“I’m really being looked down upon.”

“………I’ll tell you again when I feel like it next time.”
“…I’ll always be waiting for you.”

The Tenth Question

Please answer the following question.
“Magnesium was used to create a cooking pot that is able to withstand heat and weighs lighter, but there is a problem when cooking. What is the problem here? Also, state an alloy that can replace magnesium.”

Kirishima Shouko’s Answer:
“Problem: Magnesium reacts violently with oxygen once it meets fire, and causes a hazard.
Alloy: Stainless Steel”

Teacher’s Comment:
Correct Answer. Stainless steel is an alloy that includes nickel and chromium.

Tsuchiya Kouta’s Answer:
“Problem: There is no stove burner available.”

Teacher’s Comment.
Can you not add a fire to it, even if it is a bonfire or something?

Yoshii Akihisa’s Answer:
“Alloy: Alloy in the near future(super resistant to heat)”

Teacher’s Comment:
You are sorely mistaken if you think adding the words near future can add some realism here.

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