Thursday, April 2, 2015

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Volume 10.5

Me and Brother and the Mysterious Bolster

“How’s your preparations for the High School visit?”

“Nothing much. I don’t have a specific target, so I guess I’ll be fishing around~”
“Me too~”

I heard my classmates lazy conversation—
‘Keisei Middle School, student Kubo Yoshimitsu from class 3-C hopes to attend Fumitzuki Academy.’

I wrote my brother’s school on the form indicating which high school I hoped to visit.
“Arre? Kubo-kun, you hope to go to Fumitzuki Academy too? I’m the same too!”

Tsuchiya Hinata-san, who’s sitting at the table beside me, opened her form after seeing mine.
“You hope to take a look at Fumitzuki Academy, Tsuchiya-san?”

“Un. Onii-chan is studying over there, so I want to take a look.”
“Is that so? I see.”

“Aren’t you the same too, Kubo-kun?”

I’m hesitating somewhat over my response. The fact is that our brothers are in the same school.
However, there’s a basic difference in reason as to why I’m going to the school as compared to her.

“For me…I’m actually going there to check on something instead of visiting.”
“Check? About what?”

Tsuchiya-san naively answered back. As for what, well…of course, it’s—
“—A family member’s shame.”

Recently, I found a mysterious bolster and blanket in brother’s room. I want to go to Fumitzuki
Academy to find out the reasons behind these items.

“—And so, our school integrated an advanced education system…”

The female teacher who was superintendent over the second years introduced Fumitzuki Academy to us at the sports hall.

I had a little interest in this format, but half my mind was thinking of some other thing.

My brother was obviously being overly happy recently. To him, it was a very good change, something that would be really welcomed. A family member’s happiness is definitely my happiness.

“…Why do you have a bolster and photos of a guy, brother…!!”

I looked inside the half-opened cabinet shelf when I went to my brother’s room to borrow a dictionary. Before that moment, I never ever believed that there was no Pandora Box that was never meant to be opened.

A weird change in a family member is a weird change for me. I have to investigate what’s going on and eliminate the situation…!

“—And that is all for the explanation. Now, we will have the free trip around the school.”

The teacher finished explaining as I clenched my fist to swear.

“Also, there are a lot more people who wanted to visit A class, so we prepared a guide.

“…Yes, I’m sorry for being late.”
A female student appeared in front of everyone as she apologized.
On seeing her, the visiting students gasped.

“What a beauty…”
“How, pretty…”
“I think that person has the top grades in the year…”
“Alright, I’ve decided to attend this school…”

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