Thursday, April 2, 2015

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Volume 09.5

Me and Kids and Summoned Beasts

“Actually, there’s something I want to ask of you.”
“““Allow me to refuse.”””
“—You’re really cruel.”

Right now, it’s after school. We’re in the classroom, chatting away when the principal came to us.

“That’s because we got into lots of trouble once because of you, old granny. We still haven’t forgotten about the time you let the summoned beasts say their true thoughts.”

“Yeah. I don’t want to experience that a second time.”
“…I had enough.”
“That’s right.”
“Even I feel that it’s a little…”

Yuuji, Muttsurini, Hideyoshi agreed with an annoyed tone, and Minami and Himeji‐san could only give wry smiles.

“Well well, don’t say that. We won’t get into trouble because of the summoned beasts in this experiment…whether it’s for you or for me.”

The principal said with a bitter expression. Ahh, speaking of which, the principal took the counterattack of our summoned beasts at the last moment. However, I feel that that was self‐inflicted.
“Principal‐sensei, isn’t this about the summoned beasts?”
We won’t get into trouble because of the summoned beasts—Himeji‐san asked the moment she
heard this. Himeji‐san’s so serious and kind, so if it’s just normal cleaning‐up, I guess she would
help out.

“No, it has something to do with the summoned beasts.”
“Uu…it has something to do with summoned beasts…?”

The principal’s answer caused Himeji‐san to be scared. I understand her feelings very well.
“Damn old granny. I’ll just ask this then. What do you want us to help out in?”

In other words, it should be something related to the modification of summoned beasts. To us, who’re trying to win the summoning wars, we have to see what kinds of changes were made even if we have to get punked in such cruel means. If possible, I hope to let Yuuji be the lab rat and see what’s going on.

“Oh my. Even though you’re grumbling, you still want to check it out, huh? How insincere of

“We’ll have to see what you want us to do. However, we won’t mind taking up this job, so
‘Yuuji will bein charge’ Akihisa will be in charge.”

““……………(GAK GAK GAK GAK)””

We kick each other on the calves wordlessly. This damn bastard’s trying to betray me to achieve his aims? Does he have any ethics as a person!?

“Perfect. The setting this time is for two people. I’ll have you two try it out then.”
“Eh? Setting for two?”
“That’s right. I want to use it as one of the candidate events for the summoned beast tournament next year.”

The summoned beasts tournament she’s talking about will be that—the tournament where I paired up with Yuuji to take on the Toko‐Natsu pair. One of the aims was to promote the summoning system, so it seemed that the principal’s planning something different again.

“This time, I want to try having a summoned beast that’s summoned by two people together, so I made some modifications to the system settings. It’ll be of great help to me if the champion of the previous tournament can try it out.

“Two people summoning a summoned beast together…”
“If that’s the case, it seems that what happened the last time around won’t happen.”
“It’ll be interesting to try this out.”

If this system’s really meant to be integrated into the summoning war, those familiar with this system will gain a huge advantage when battling. Our scores are worse than the other classes, so we have to gain this kind of advantage.

“I can assure you that the summoned beasts won’t go out of control. Also, if something happens to the summoned beast, I can immediately remove the summoning field. How about that?”

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