Thursday, April 2, 2015

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Volume 06.5

Fumizuki News

Fumizuki News XXXX Year XX Month XX Day

Come, young ones!
Recruiting members!!

With the strength of your youth, for the sake of school peace, would you not try to be useful?
We are the FFF Brigade, of Class F --- In order to protect the entirety of Fumizuki Academy's order, we are recruiting, the strength of youth.

Why don't we push forward together, towards the sublime goal of keeping up the peace within this school?

Job Scope

It is a simple job, which requires only one to strike their opponents through one's strong thoughts and feelings placed upon their blunt sincerity.
There would also be plenty of machinery and tools that can be used for the job.
Of course, we strongly welcome all who wish to take up this task!
Beginners too, can feel at ease.
The kind seniors will cordially and politely provide guidance.


Monthly allowance: 1 AP (Allowance given in kind)
However, it is possible to exchange 5AP for 1 HP!
Furthermore, in response to one's abilities, commission shall also be provided!!
Please make inquiries should more details be needed.
• AP = Akichan Photograph
• HP = Hideyoshi Photograph
• Available 24 hours a day!!
• Please contact Sugawa Ryou of Class 2F.
• Contact Number: 080-????-????

Supported by the Muttsulini Company. ~Always right behind you ~

Me and My Stupid Brother and a Switch of Classrooms

“—That’s how it is. I hope to film a promotional movie of Fumitzuki Academy through A class.
What do you think, Takahashi-sensei?”

“Yes, principal. I have no reasons to object.”
“Well, this really helps me out a lot. It’s because of those idiots messing around recently that our Fumitzuki Academy’s rating has been falling down the slope…”

“I’ve kind of realized that.”
“Oh yes, I’m thinking of having a few students from A class perform in this. What do you think about it? Who should I choose to perform?”

“In that case…I think it will be more appropriate to choose the valedictorian Kirishima Shoukosan and the vice-valedictorian Kubo Yoshimitsu-san to lead the performance. However, the unfortunate thing is that both of them are not very sociable and don’t really talk much.”

“Kukuku. It’s unexpected of you to say that.”

“I’m just stating an objective view. I do know that I am not very affable after all, so I’m more familiar with such a thing.”

“Oh my. Are you angry? I’m sorry to you then. Please carry on.”
“No…if we’re talking about a student who has outstanding grades, is hardworking, and is very lively—I feel that Kinoshita Yuuko would be a fine choice for the lead in this clip.”

“Fm fm, so she’s the only candidate you choose? Are there no other students you’ll choose?”
“We do have other choices, but there will be so accompanying risks.”

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