Thursday, April 2, 2015

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Volume 05

"What is it, Shouko?"

"...I want to see your cellphone."
"What's wrong? Why do you suddenly want to see my cellphone?"

"...Because yesterday, a TV program said it."
"TV? What did it say?"

"...A lot of evidence of an affair will remain on the cellphone."

"...So, show it to me."

"...Clench your teeth."
"Wait! I think you've skipped a lot of steps! You're suddenly going to punch me? Do you want to punch me?"

"...Show it to me."
"Ah-...No, I can't, I accidentally forgot it at hom-AAHHHHHHHHH! M-MY EYES!"

"...I should have done this from the beginning."
"You always end up stabbing me in the eyes! Why did you even want me to clench my teeth!

Was that just a fake-out, you animal!"
"...Yuuji. Unclench your fist. I can't take your cellphone like this."

"I-I'm not giving it! I finally got it back after having it fixed, how can I let you steal it!"
"...If you resist, I'm going to take away your pants and trunks."

"Tru...!? I can give up and hand over my pants even though I'm unwilling, but what do my trunks have to do with this!? Are you saying that you want me to go to school with my bottom part naked!?"

"...Half-naked boys that are only wearing a shirt are really loved by mother, I heard her say that once."

"Wrong! This has nothing to do with 'like'! More important than that is that I don't want to, don't make that mistake!"

"...Also, I also want to see what Yuuji looks like there."
"Are you a pervert!?"

"...I'm not a pervert. I, your childhood friend, have an obligation to check on Yuuji's growth."
"Eeh, take your hands off my belt! Get away from my belt straps! I got it! Here! Take my phone!"

"...........I see."
"Shouko. Why do you have such an obviously disappointed expression."

"...Show me your cellphone."
"Really... Please don't break it, you idiot at machines."

"...I'll do my best."
"Please do so."

"And? There's nothing of note there, right? Once you understand, please give me back my cellphone--so wait! Why is your hand creeping towards my pants!? I gave you my cellphone, right!?"

"...You have more mails from Yoshii than me."
"Oh? What's wrong with that?"

"...In short, the person that Yuuji is going to have an affair with is Yoshii."
"No, that's wrong."

"...So, time for punishment."

"Why is it that around me there are so many people that think that gender difference is a small matter...? Alright Shouko, take a look at the contents of the mails. It's just a playful correspondence, right?"


"Ah, a mail? It's my cellphone, right? Let me check my phone! No, wrong. Before the phone, give me back my belt, which you stole from me so skillfully."

"...No. I'm not returning it."
"Ha? Why----uwaah!? This time you're trying to take my pants again!? Anybody can see us from here--NO, NO, I GOT IT! I'm an adult. I'm fine with giving up and giving you my pants even though I'm extremely unwilling. So at least, my trunks--!"

"Are you insane!? Do you know what you're doing right now!?"

"...I will definitely, not forgive, cheating...!"
"Damn it! What was inside that mail!?"

【Message From: Yoshii Akihisa】
Can I stay at your house? Tonight, I don't really...feel like going home.

The First Question

Please write down the correct name of the piece of equipment in the picture on the right.

Himeji Mizuki's Answer:
Measuring Cylinder.

Teacher's comment:
Correct answer. Understanding the names and usage of lab equipment is very important basic information. Being able to remember the names of these pieces of equipment won't hurt at all. Also, remember to look at the labels denoting the graduations.

Tsuchiya Kouta's Answer:
Mesu Shiri.[1]

Teacher's comment:
You only pay attention to areas that you have interest in, I already understand that. I hope that you can remember the 3 letters [ンダー] (ndaa) though.

Yoshii Akihisa's Answer:
Graduated glass tube.

Teacher's comment:
I've lost hope in you.

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