Thursday, April 2, 2015

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Volume 04

"...... Yuuji."
"Wha --- arghhh!? What the hell are you doing all of a sudden!?"

"...... don't dodge."
"When you're butting your head with me, of course I'll dodge!"

"...... I'm not butting my head."
"? Then what's that? A heddobatto [1]?"
"...... a kiss."

"Alright. I don't want to see any unnecessary movement from you. Put your hands behind your head and explain this slowly in a way that's easy to understand."

"...... putting lips together. A natural act between an engaged couple like Yuuji and me. It's called 'making out'."

"Wait. I didn't mean that I don't know what a 'kiss' is. I'm asking, why are you doing that out of the bl......ahhhh!"

"....... you say you know, with whom, when, and where did you......!!"

"N, no! I mean I know the meaning of a kiss, it doesn't mean that I have any ---"
"...... experience?"

"--- you can't really say that I don't have any ex...gyaaaaa! I'm kidding! I'm just being cocky, I've never experienced a real one before!"

"...... I see. Then, it's fine."
"I, I thought I was going to die...... So, why did you talk about that out of the blue?"

"...... look."
"Yeah? Isn't that Akihisa and Shimada? I can't really see it from here --- but isn't Shimada running away from him?"

"...... they were kissing before that."

"Seriously! Ugh, the fellows in our class have started to surround the ditched guy, Akihisa."
"...... an incredible killing intent."

"Woah, what a nice body! Something good is also stuffed in between his jaws. As expected, he's
"...... he can't move anymore."

"Tsk tsk. As usual, Akihisa is an idiot. They are famous for not showing any mercy to anyone who has experienced even something as small as a kiss."
"...... I'm sorry."

"Huh? What's wrong? Why are you apologizing? Since I haven't done anything like that, I'll be fine, you know?"

"...... the truth is, while Yuuji was sleeping ---"
"I can't hear you! I totally, completely can't hear you at all!"

"...... it's ok. Since I'll take responsibility."
"That's not the problem, is it!? --- hah! Killing intent gyaaaaaaaaa!"
"Heretics discovered. We've secured them."

"Alright. Take them away."
"Roger! President Sugawa!"
"....... ah...... Yuuji......"

"How goes the preparations for the trial?"
"No problem."
"Well done. We're going to begin the emergency heretic trial! All members, do not be negligent in inspecting your tools!"

"""Roger! President Sugawa!"""
"...... what should I do. I was so busy selling him out that I forgot to mention that I only did it on
his cheek......"

The First Question

Convert the following words to proper English.
"Haatofuru Rabusutourii"

Himeji Mizuki's answer
"heartful love story"

Teacher's comment
Correct. It's a common catchphrase you see in movies and books, but every now and then, there will be someone who will get the "heart" part wrong. Even though it should be a familiar English word to most, it's surprisingly difficult to get it right.

By the way, translated to Japanese, it's "A romance story filled with love". I'd definitely like to
see you all spend your springtime of youth in such a manner.

Shimada Minami's answer
"hurt full rough story"

Teacher's comment
• hurt...... injury
• full...... to be filled with
• rough...... rough
• story...... story
It's a beautiful mistake to the effect that I was wondering whether you got it wrong on purpose.
I think you will be the only one "playing out" [2] such a "heartful love story".

Kirishima Shouko's answer
"hurt full rough story"

Teacher's comment
To think that there's another one.

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