Thursday, April 2, 2015

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Volume 03.0


"...I have nothing to hide."
"I haven't said anything yet?"

"Such devious methods of interrogation."
"Please look up the proper usage of interrogation. And also, what are you hiding behind your back?"

"Shouko, give me your hand."

"Here, hm, an MP3 player."
"...Yuuji, you are so mean."
"How can a technologically incompatible person like you be carrying a machine? What's inside of this?"

"...Normal music..."
———Beep <If I win, I will marry you. Shouko, I love you.>

"...Normal music."
"After deleting the sound track I will return this back to you tomorrow."
"...So mean, I haven't even given this to my father to listen to yet. And also, we haven't held hands yet."

" are trying to increase the blackmail that you have on me, aren't you?!"
"...It's not like that. If I let father listen to this, we can have a smooth marriage."

"Shouko, go to the hospital now. If you take two or three shots, you may recover and be a normal human being."

"...I don't think I'm pregnant yet."
"You need to go to the psychiatrist department! Hm?! What's that in your bag?"

"...Nothing special."
"Mmm...what's this? [Yuuji and my future baby name list]; hold it."

"...The name that's most favored is using a character from our first names."
"[Shouko] and [Yuuji] makes [Shouyuu] [1]. Why this particular combination?"

"...I hope to raise a tasty child."
"I can only see a child being brought up with a wrecked conscious."

"...Also to note, if our child is a son, his name is [Koshou] [2]."
"(Soy Sauce) is a daughter's name...."

The First Question

Please explain why "I" would be in such grief from the following situation.

Father announced to me with a painful expression.

"He has left this morning. Please forget about him."

When I heard the news, I could feel a shocking pain splitting my body in half. My mind was wiped blank and devoid of any other thoughts. How he will end up is a mystery. And my relationship with him is undetermined. Even as I had this idea in my mind, my emotions were still in disarray.

Himeji Mizuki's Answer:
"His existence is as important as half of his body."
Teacher's comment:
Correct. As it is "as important as half of his body", therefore if "he" is no longer there, the body will experience pain as if it has lost half of it.

Yoshii Akihisa's Answer:
"He is as important as the lower half of my body."
Teacher's comment:
Why is it only limited to your lower half?

Tsuchiya Kouta's Answer:
"Because he is the lower half of my body."
Teacher's comment:
Teacher believes this self-consciousness is not good.

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